Love Light


Be the Love  Light that you are and you radiate for all to share in the bounty that is present in and for all.

Open to give and receive in ease – this starts with taking care of yourself in Loving, connecting inward to Spirit to the Light and building this connection awake. In this you walk in relaxation and flow.

Our days are full of doing, remember to connect in the Heart all day, Breathe in the Love and Breathe out what is less than Love. This simple process will begin to move you back inside in Love and it becomes a Breath inward in Love and Breath out in Love. This will flow if you keep this going. It is a natural state of your being-ness so it will happen naturally. you will experience the shift and remember that all is well in Loving flow.

You do not control, you move in flow as you relax in this place of remembering. So let go and let God awaken as you breathe it breathes you.

Have a beautiful radiant day and continue to breathe and be the love.


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