No Control


How do we let go and let God?

My experience of life keeps opportunities in constant flow. These days I can observe our government playing this control illusion if you look from altitude, you can see no one is in control. There is just a dance of push – pull. There is constant tension.

In my life these times come forward as pressure. Pressure to create. I also experience nothing happens when I am in the energy of pressure. Pressure has worry, doubt, and more in it. So I go to the source, Spirit, opening myself to this flow where I have blocked or keep looking outside myself to see or know the step or steps. These can show up in the physical but, it will be like a dance. When I open to the inspiration, I experience a release and up- liftment, a willingness to receive and give from a new place. This is a different experience every time.

The process of getting to the “let go let God” place can take patients, and Love. Love is key,. The willingness to know that Love is calling me in places that have not allowed the expansion of love to be present. This can challenge the ego and places that want to protect my limitations. These are Karma patterns and things I hold onto as who I am, what I feel is true in separation to God, forgetting the Divine within is doing me and all. There is magnificence in this and allows freedom in the Spiritual Heart that awakens me to Miracles. I am the Miracle and so is everyone.

I go inside and have to be honest in the discomfort of my negative creations. Loving them and forgiving all of it, which includes where I feel hopeless. Nothing is hopeless, as there is a place that will lift the hopelessness awakening the one who forgot who I am. I am Divine and God is my Source and God is Infinite Love, abundance in all ways. I just forgot in the moments of trials and tribulations. These forgetful places become less strong, less real, as I have built my foundation in Spirit – Love.  It does not mean I do not get caught in the experience but it does not take over. I am still building.

Spending time in the light work I share, opening myself to the Grace Field is the way I shift all of this and open to channels of God in co-creation. Meditation is key tuning to this connection allows the stream of awareness to stay open, building a foundation that strengthens this relationship to the Divine Lover I am and is Breathing me.

So remember we are not in control, we have choice.Choosing our loving focus and using all of our hurts, fears and more as opportunities to release the blocks the pressures that keep us from our inner freedom will bring us the Grace filled life. All difficulties are temporary. Be willing to open to the Grace through understanding and love. This is a process, first you accept yourself and what is happening then go inside in Love, find what comes up and bring forgiveness and love to those places that are in struggle.

We are one and we are the pebble in the pond. When we shift, this is a ripple affect. Even when we forget and move in upset it is easy to shift to love, no worries, love will prevail. It always does.

In Loving Service



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