Love – Present

In this time of change we are faced with an ongoing challenge of being present in Love, in relaxation, in peace in comfort.

Today I was given a gift of relaxation in Love. The chatter of the world fear and goings on were in my body in a way that had me holding in defense. I was not aware of how this was keeping me out of my loving Creative Flow. My God Love Flow.

The joy in my sweet heart came present as I allowed the loving to pour through me, every cell was vibrating and slowly I released, and was in the comfort of my love in the Flow of the Beloved love of God doing me, singing me, comforting all the misunderstandings – the Ideal I need to defend my loving self. My health, wealth and happiness. The key is to be that. Even when there may be something like Covid or people challenging me , I can take care of myself. Witness what is happening inside in love and bring comfort, Breathing in Love and quieting in Love.

Healing comes through love. Physical healing is included in this. In this time of challenge try pausing -breathe and love the part that may be moving into retraction, fear and or defense. When you think of Covid or other challenges going on, check inside, see if you are in defense, tight muscles, mind block, heart block, Breathe and tell yourself Love is Present here. Add more to this inner connection in loving. When you look at the world around you keep that connection, witness in love and know Love is present. You do not have to defend or fix, just be Love. Bless what is in disturbance give it to God.

Move to being and doing something Loving inside and out. Keep it simple , go wash your hands in Love. Be in Gratitude for your hands or whatever is in your awareness. Move to Loving Gratitude to yourself for even noticing you – you and taking care of you in love. Let Go Relax in the Heart and all areas will follow. Let Light take over – Loving Light…

Let down the fear, retraction and experience your love and healing. This will ripple out in ways you may not even be aware of. Do not be hard on yourself if this takes practice, little by little you will know the Love is singing you and all of creation. You are worth being present in Love with and so is this planet and all on it. Be the love, you already are that. Kindness to you and all will flow.

Be Well, Be Love- You are God’s inspiration. Beloved One.

In Loving


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