Strength in Love – Check the Bottom for a bit more understanding…

What would it be like to know Love inside and aligned in the Beloved Flow which is you is ultimately the strength that takes you through each step of your life? You draw the line in Love…

What if you knew that whatever negativity that may show up in you and in your life will ultimately give way to Love? Maybe in this lifetime or maybe another but, you could consider that instead of negotiating with negativity, you could go inside and tap the Divine source awake – receive guidance and live in a reality that you know will be full fo Love inspired flow…

Take time to notice as you walk in your life how you react to the negative frequencies or stories that come your way. The negative self talk, the need to make change through polarity instead of Love.

This is a day by day opportunity I am always dancing in. Moment by moment some days.

So take the Loving Strong challenge and observe yourself and learn what may open up inside if you just simply pause inside and bring your intention back to you in love ,allow the support of your Divine loving breath to take over as you release the contractions that may come up or have you on the run in negative thoughts.

I am always in the Love Gym…I have to keep this constant dedication going even when it seems like I am stuck, I know that the more comfortable place is in the Loving flow, so I would rather find that river awake in me and keep feeding it with the Sacred Water of Divine Flow. My Divine intention is my lift off.

You choose, maybe you can find some peace and relaxation, knowing you are loved and love and this is what you are seeking. Keep it simple, keep it clear and be love. No worries about the ups and downs you are in, this is the class of choosing your answer, Love or? Then how do you allow, be, become, and be supported as ups and downs come and go, allow this flow to lead you, even in the most challenging moments it is possible.

I am still in this class, I know it is challenging some days to let go of the ” REALLY” ? not this still or again… But give it a try and see what might reveal itself in loving support if you choose and ask. You are the Beloved One, let this be your lead and awareness. It is your choice…

sJust an added understanding in Love… When we lash out to harm another person it is coming from the mental – emotions of our child who does not know how to communicate and share, not knowing that there is abundance for all, and not only are they precious so are others. Children have tantrum, yell, hit , call names etc. when we react or attack it is our inner child running us. That is just information, as we grow up, or expand in Love we learn we are supported in love and find other ways to express and get along. We see that being cruel to others or ourselves is just a place that does not know better. Bring loving to this place. Be kind. There is great understanding in allowing the Spiritual healing to bring Grace to the places did not know better or were never taught that they were loved and there was an answer to their need though loving.We have ego and emotions and mental chatter, physic confusion that will feed this negativity if we focus on this and do not learn to focus on a loving outcome through healing and kindness We have to choose, build the strength inside to calm and find a peaceful way to be present in this world inside and out. Otherwise we keep creating more of what we put out in negativity, you start to believe that is the only way to get what you want.

I have found that negativity always looses to love at some point , it just does not expand it tends to bring more walls and more sense of lack and fear, which is loosing ourselves to negativity. We are seeking love and at some point we turn to the loving,. We have to choose that path, we will have opportunity over and over again, we can do it now or ….

So again choosing to pause and open to the loving comforter, inside to support the one who is a tantrum inside is practice but, it is so much more powerful, as you are awakening. Not stuffing hurt but, going fo the healing through love, not creating more hurt through inner and outer conflict.

We are on this journey of love and we have so many opportunities to wake up to grow up inside in Love.

All are Beloved…

BE The Love You are…

In Love Service


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