Vulnerability in Love

Receiving – Giving – Trust Love.

Relax, let go let love. Let your mind, your feelings, your breath, your body breathe in loving relaxation. Allow what may surface in discomfort come forward and bring your loving breath into this place, this story, this feeling. Let this discomfort share. Do not shut it off, see what may be calling, asking for Love.

Retraction, control, lead to more and more contraction, retraction. Be the Love to you.

Sharing in a loving place what is challenged is a sacred loving trust of love. There is nothing hidden in God., coming to a place of vulnerably, putting down the defense costumes is a process of love. Love the one who wants to hide, let yourself know you are welcomed. All of you is Beloved. Can you love and trust love? This starts with you.

Can you love yourself and trust your loving, bring loving feeling, thoughts in the breath and let go to Spirit in expanded Love. Let go Let Love.

You are Beloved.

I Loving Service


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