Gift of Love – Being Present With yourself and Others

I have a opportunity – Challenge for you to take part in if you choose.

I have been holing in service with people for over 20 years. The one thing I am aware of and ask myself is ,am I in my loving am I present, am I neutral ?

I ask these questions when I am also holding in loving clearing in me for me too.Also just in my play time these are good check in times.

I am very aware when I am not being present with myself or others, how things seem messy and heavy. I am here to bring – be Love,, when I am in my head or just in resistance in some way, I am personally affected and I know it can affect others.

Simply listening, holding in open compassion, allowing the loving presence to flow through me, allows the loving presence to flow in all. Others feel held and met. I am not responsible for them but, I am present in me with the presence – loving flow then all is in flow, all are met held in this if they choose to receive.It is relaxed and never pushes… This goes for me too.

Take a pause and see how you are in your relationship with you and others. Where are you? No judgement, take a pause and breathe in and come present in you with you and then breathe in love and come present with who and where you are. Be present in your relationships, in you and with others. See how things may shift in open love. Things may resolve , evolve and creative energy comes forward .

We all are Beloved ones. BE present in yourself and with others and dance in Love. No attachment, demand but, kindness, sharing caring and letting go of hurt upset , control, expectations and whatever else may be in the way. Now Enjoy and play and uplift.

Be Present, it is a gift of love.

In Loving Service


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