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Responsible for What You Put Out

I want to share something you all have heard probably a million times.

Life is Karma. Some Karma we like – and some Karma we do not like.

We have co-created these frequencies. Some of the things that come forward are tihings we may have engaged in other lifetimes. Punishment is not the goal, uplifting love healing, is the transformation of Spirit, The God of Love is the source of all creation, when it is in process of alchemy from polarity in us, it came seem impossible to get to the love. I know this because I have had plenty of challenges. when someone is hitting at you in many ways, psychic ways included, they are engaged in a process for themselves too. Many times we all forget that we are not here to abuse ourselves or others, as we do this action to others, we actually end up doing it to ourselves. We may not know this in this lifetime it may be in another lifetime but, we will have the experience of what we put out. Choose love.

The way up – out is through inner loving forgiveness. if someone is unkind to you, find the place inside that wants to be unkind back, be willing not to do but, stay with that place inside, holding in a neutral love. Keep listening and hold in love and walk through the hurt and sense of powerlessness and anger, You may find stories from the past come up that you have carried around unaware of them, bring loving forgiveness to them, allow the healing focus to be your goal, not revenge or right or wrong. Open to a bigger Loving life inside and your outer life will expand in ways that seem like miracles.

This process is a deep and love light filled process. Connecting to your inner world will take you through many levels of what may seem not so fun. Focus on God in a loving heart and you will experience an altitude of Grace and understanding in time. It is worth it, to bring love to those locked off places , those places that stay in war and againstness, keeping us in poverty and a small reality.

We are infinite, Divine Beings how do we let go of the boxes we co-created thinking that is all there is. Thinking this will keep us safe, give us power and more. Change is always present, and change is the only constant we can count on. The more we fight to stay the same or control, the more we will experience separation inside and out.

We choose to let go – in Love – Let God. It Supports- Breathes us. This is a big order for some of the places that just can not see the outcome of the new or unknown and do not have trust.

Be kind but, be willing to make, be the inner change and open to receive.

Remember what you put on others comes back to you. Generous Heart is one way to go, One that knows we are here not to over throw others, to take all the space up, but to be in flow, sharing in the dance of the planet. There is room for all, see how you can allow and also take care of yourself. This does not mean let people step on your toes, but, to make space inside and out in Love. You do not have to become what others are doing or being , we are are here to lift in love. There is infinite space in this love. We choose.

In Loving Service


Spring Retreat Is Almost Here – Your Inner View of Love – Zoom and in Person – Health Safe Arrangements for in person – Dates: May 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2021, Bonus 1/2 day May 17th, Meditation – Labyrinth Walk at Windermere Ranch.

This journey is alive with new inspiration through new eyes. As you open to your inner view – you begin to connect deeper within, listening to what you are saying, seeing, holding, thinking and you become more available to the flow of love that is singing through you. When you quiet the chattering you connect within. The places that are calling you anew are calling from within. Peace is present be in the silence, listen – relax in the letting go.

Join me with an intimate group of loving people, for a 3 day Retreat.

Take time to go within to inner-view yourself through your Beloved heart . Open your inner eyes to attune to the Beloved within and reveal what is present. Uncover what may be blocking your view of being Love in the flow of your life.

Take time to touch in and allow Spiritual connection to become more tangible, it is your natural flow. The process of clearing what comes present with the assistance of the Spiritual Light allows the flow of love and creative inspiration in Grace. Meditation opens your inner guidance, your connection to your Inner Master, letting this flow become a go to in life. Guiding you, supporting your life. This is where you are truly present with what and who you are …one with the Beloved. This is a continued journey, be open to what you have been waiting for, there is always more available . I experience this every time I go within. Infinite flow- infinite possible experiences, I am always finding opportunity to let go, release my separation. Join me in the vulnerability and allow the support you have yet to know come forward, open to the receiving.

Giving and receiving … Pause … Breathe … you are present, allowing this time to be present within is a simple moment but, powerful shift, allowing abundance in the moment, in he fullness of the heart.

Place: :7th Street Cottages – Carpinteira, Ca


Friday – May 14th, 3:30 pm Pac Time Until we are done – 7:00pm this is a soft end time.

Saturday – May 15th, 9:30am PT – 6:00pm PT

Sunday – May 16th, 9:30 am PT to 5:30 pm PT

Bonus 1/2 day May 17th, Time TBD end of retreat by those who sign up. Online may be on FaceTime with us it you would like.

Tuition: Pease read there are changes. ( In Person Special Arrangements and Logistics will be determined closer to the retreat, we will gather in one cottage if it is clear health wise or do the online in your cottage experience, bring your laptop. We will gather for beach walks and meal breaks, depending on the COVID situation.) We will gather outside in a small area for a few sharing if we are not able to do the retreat in one cottage.

1) Early Bird Cottage In Person $600.00  Paid in full by March 25th – after is $700

2)  Early Bird Online $575 – Paid by March 25th –  after is $625

If you are in hardship and want to take part, please let me know and we will work something out. We are here to support…

Tuition is non refundable – non transferable as of April 1st, 2021

REGISTRATION FOR ALL OFFERING: email: or call: 415-606-4883.

RETREAT – Cottage reservation should be done as soon as possible, Below are details.

Deposit required of one night, please contact Lisa, all information is below , let her know you are attending the retreat. I only hold a few cottages for this gathering.

Call property manager, Lisa Carey, for reservations at 805.680.6622 ~ Let her know you are part of the retreat.

I am once again excited to hold and house our retreat at The Cottages in Carpinteria California, where we can all be together holding the light.

Staying at the cottages for the weekend is encouraged but not a must. Residing at the cottages, allows you to step away from your day-to-day patterns, giving yourself completely over to the loving support offered in the retreat atmosphere. If you are unable to retreat at the cottages, you are still welcome to take part in this light filled weekend.

 This is a beautiful, playful cluster of bungalows located in the small town of Carpinteria, California, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and few blocks from the beach.

In Loving Service


Speak Form the Inner Heart

Simple Self Awareness

Take time before connecting with others to check in and see are you open in Love in you or are you pulling – dropping down or pulling from others? Take time to connect to your heart center all day, every moment. If you live only in your mind and belly you are missing the flow of Love Light that is generating you. This little awareness is the big shift in your life. Be Love- when you feel off, go to the love in you, touch your heart center, Breathe in and let go, and do it again and again.

Take Time to Be Love …. In your life, in all ways. Focus on this Heart – center and as you allow the breath flow you will experience love – calm – flow taking over. It is natural. Let go of control to this simple, yet powerful place to begin, be the middle and end of your moment by moment life flow.

Share in this simple awareness, bring enthusiasm, which can be an uplift in you as you speak. You are this love. Take Time – Adjust – Be Aware of this Center and Share in this flow with others. Be the Flow of love. Be Self Aware.

In Loving Service


Polishing You…March 28th, 2021 , Evening Gathering

We are in a beautiful time of expansion.
I am called to offer a pop up evening to gather and polish in Love and Light as a group.The Planet is in all of us, we are not separate from the whole, and we are in an opportunity to uplift from within always, bringing comfort, healing in love to ourselves, this ripples out in creation. As we let go of the separation that we have co-created in our lives and lifetimes, through misunderstanding in so many was, with-holding love in confusion – our inner life shows up in the outer experience, through those confused eyes. . We can awaken in our loving strength these places – this is the Grace field that you are aligned in awakening in flow, polishing the places that are sleeping to the brilliance of light- love you are.


Join me for a 3 hour Gathering of polishing – .

Sunday Evening March 28th, 2021 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

Tuition: $ 125
To Register please contact me at or text 415-606-4883

Prepayment: Venmo, Paypal, Zellie.
In loving ServiceChristi


These are times of confusion,, that being said, I have been aware that communication has also been confused.

I have been made aware that people have reached out to me here and in email and not heard back, please know I always respond, I did not see any of those attempts. Please text 415-606-4883 if you do not receive a response.

I am looking in to what this may be about. My apologies if you have not heard back form me, hopefully you are receiving this.

In loving Flow of Sharing and Caring lifting all together.

In Loving Service


Let Go of Control – Open to Inner of Love

Take a moment and check with yourself for the place or places you may be focused on control. Maybe you are holding onto wanting others to be what you want them to be, maybe you are waiting for an outcome that you think is right or wrong, maybe you are locked into a pattern that says when I have this I’ll be free or know I am loved. I know this list of day to day control patterns come up for all of us in the most subtle and not subtle ways, even wanting people to see you in a certain way…

So, What if you consider letting this mind hold go, move inside to your own inner heart Love flow and be love to this place, in you. That is all you have to do, let go of out there control and be Love in you. Not shutting off others just open inside you. Breath in and out, let go of control positions and breathe in the love. Slowly or quickly you may find you relax and become quiet in this place of flow. Now you are beginning to open to the flow of love that is full all the time, there is no lack. You know you are full, and this sea of Love resides in you, the creative vessel of giving and receiving is always full, and you do not need to control others, you give and receive from an infinite source that is always surrendering in the bounty of fullness. What you are holding onto will be returned over and over until you let go to the Infinite source of Love that resides in you, breathing you.

I challenge you to play in this, when you hear your mind, emotions and feel your body move in control consider, is this loving inside me right now? Then just try on what it is to let go of the separation position ( control ) and allow yourself to come present in Love. How is that for you? Do you want more of that? If so you are the one who holds the key, so, have at it. Open your inner kingdom of Love. Moment by moment, you choose. Let go of the control to Love…

In Loving Service


Inside – Out


Can You Love All Of You? That means the good, bad and ugly…

When we compare or judge ourselves we are in separation from ourself. I know I have written for years – it is an inside experience – view – reaction and story that is generating our experience. Love is the answer but, it can be challenging to be honest – be with yourself, be kind, and be willing to know a deeper Love Flow that is what you are. This love is present in all aspects of you, once you come willing to let go of a position of right and wrong, you give space to the voice inside that may be afraid to share the hurt, not knowing that there is a loving embrace awaiting to comfort and heal, simply allow the Loving Light to illuminate, soothe this place of forgetfulness back to its pure essence of Divine love Not tossing them aside but bringing a High Frequency of Love to these hurts upset, is a powerful awakening to the Beloved within.

Take a moment each time you hear yourself or feel yourself in retraction, negative thoughts or feelings, if you are focused on the outside, go back inside, this may be uncomfortable, that is perfect,. This is a place you are avoiding – Love. You are wanting to be taken care of, to be loved but, if you can not be with yourself in this you are creating more separation inside and experience more separation in your outer world, you are Beloved – be – Loved to yourself and you will find more harmony inside and through your heart you will be more free in your life of love. Then more will open in ways that are beyond this world.

BE Kind – Be Honest – Be – Loved in you. If you are afraid to see yourself, be kind and look in the mirror at the beauty in your eyes and open to love those places that are afraid. Be present in Breath of love.

You are the key… Be present… Open the doors that you have closed inside to yourself, the Lovelight that is Breathing You. Be Present in Love Breath… You are Beloved.

In Loving Service


Let Go – Harmony – Peace

This song is so sweet, take a moment and just allow the places that are holding on to hurt, anger, or … what if you let Love sing there. Take a Love breath in each time that place comes up with a reason to resist peace or love. Let love in those places you have held as a separation so you could be safe, move on, or protect a position or… Let love Sing….It is al in you, let this flow of God Love , love that is free, there is nothing to do but be present in you and let go to Love….Forgive yourself for withholding love to yourself, do this in loving Breath and relax, receive… allow what is to be… no one has to change, let go of control and Be present in this love flow you allow Grace and life inspired in Love. It is in all of this journey….It is the Inspiration of this journey. Love….