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Vulnerability in Love

Receiving – Giving – Trust Love.

Relax, let go let love. Let your mind, your feelings, your breath, your body breathe in loving relaxation. Allow what may surface in discomfort come forward and bring your loving breath into this place, this story, this feeling. Let this discomfort share. Do not shut it off, see what may be calling, asking for Love.

Retraction, control, lead to more and more contraction, retraction. Be the Love to you.

Sharing in a loving place what is challenged is a sacred loving trust of love. There is nothing hidden in God., coming to a place of vulnerably, putting down the defense costumes is a process of love. Love the one who wants to hide, let yourself know you are welcomed. All of you is Beloved. Can you love and trust love? This starts with you.

Can you love yourself and trust your loving, bring loving feeling, thoughts in the breath and let go to Spirit in expanded Love. Let go Let Love.

You are Beloved.

I Loving Service


Stepping Forward in Loving ..

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Take time with yourself to set your Inner field of Love as your intention in your life. If you were to pause in the morning and through the day, claiming I Am Love, focusing in a relaxed breath touching your heart center then allowing this to radiate through you into your very cells, would you have a day of clarity, ease and understanding? It is possible.

That being said, we are in a world with many variations of ideas of what each of us wants, believes is good or even bad. One person may want more control over the house or community and begin to infringe on others space, truly believing this is good. This should be… In their eyes that reality is Love for them. Of course I am sure they would not agree to it going the other way. If we all could see through each others reality, we would have understanding. This does not mean we have to agree but, we could move to our loving center inside and take care of the place that may feel upset and powerless to others. By the way, that is a coming and going in many nuanced ways for many. We could find a way to agree to disagree and stay in peace.

How can we live free inside in Loving when things challenge us?

Back to Love. The challenges will appear and we all will be in opportunity to keep renewing, expanding our inner Love, awakening to the Beloved view, and giving it all to God. Sometimes we may not see the way it will play out to love, but, we have a choice to carry our love in greater ways, even when we forget, we can use this for a healing opportunity in ourselves. More loving available. The challenges only strengthen the loving. This can take dedication to you. No one can take your loving away. it is you. In Loving Flow of God. “This is an inside job.”J.R.

Loving Healing. To choose over and over to go back inside and bring loving to the places and spaces that are in separation, listening to what is going on, Breathing in Love, Calling the Loving Light Support awake inside is a step. When you hear and know what is in retraction, separation, bring Loving understanding and forgiveness to the one who is confused and has shut off love to survive. You are Beloved and Loved, You are God;’s Love. To know this is a walk of Love and choosing back inside over and over to go for the loving, cleaning,, you are Divine and Worthy. All experiences have a diamond in them to assist you in the Journey of remembering what you know already. ” You came you knew, then forgot and now you are remembering.what you know.” It is always there. This is just a touch of how this loving journey can be supported in constantly revealing you as a Love Being…When you are off your loving center do not judge the judger, take the same care with this part and allow what may be happening inside to come into a healing opportunity… This is and can be a process, take time with you, you are worth it. Bring Loving forgiveness and understanding through giving space to you, the one in you who is feeling upset, hurt in separation.

Keep dancing the loving dance, your partner is infinite Love and infinite creation. You are your loving Partner , you, god and God. I am Love … We are , I am – One.


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Be Love…

Take a pause and move into your heart, allow the softening in breath, in loving breath to let go of any retractions, fear againstness, Be Love and allow this to strengthen in calm.

Let this lead you in holding in love, for whatever or whoever may be in need, in yourself and others.. You may not need to do anything, if you do, be loving inspired as you step into this sharing.

Be the Love and overflow.

We are one Love, it starts with us.

In Loving Service


Psychic Assaults

Times of Anger and people who choose to create walls with their own anger and controls.. This is a human process, though many people believe that this way of life will create their personal wants, their personal reality, and believe they are a victim to everyone around them. They are creating it and it just bounces back on them over and over. We all have seen this in ourselves, when we see it in others over and over, the question is what now?

We all may have small paychic games we play inside that we think do not affect others. They may and they mostly affect us. coming back on us over and over. There are those who intentionally use this kind of thing to inflict on others and communities. this behavior is one of ego, control, anger, and mostly misunderstanding of who and what is really present in each one of us and themselves. The answer is to open to communication in Loving and leading in kindness. When someone wants freedom and believes that creating more negativity will bring this, they are creating a prison within them selves. The world gets smaller and smaller inside in negativity. What you do to others, you do to yourself. Truly, check this out. It is all yours. You keep throwing mud, and you stay muddy, it is hard to see anything else.

I have been aware of a challenge in my community of this kind of thing for awhile. It has brought me into great gifts of Love in me and around me. I also have days where I experience encounters with those who continue to play in this illusion ( psychic mud ) I am pushed… want to say…, don’t you get it? Well obviously they don’t get it, the truth is it doesn’t matter if they do or do not, it is up to me to keep loving me, healing the place that is feeling or believing what they do has any power in my life. Master School of love. Keep my eyes on the loving God, opening myself to that power in me. Living my life in this way keeps revealing more Miracles and Divine intervention in me and my life.

Look for the good in all, I see those who continue to create from this place of psychic intrusions have hurt, anger and control challenges. I understand the feeling. I can have compassion for the misunderstanding in them by, taking care of the part of me that may have the same thing in different ways. The one in me that is reacting is ready to let go in loving. GIFT…

These are times of choice. Do we choose to keep worshiping negativity or choose to come closer to our Divine inner awakening and choose harmony, loving, creativity, health wealth and happiness? it is a choice.

My Mother was always in defense, she was sure others were not kind or meaning well. I have spent a lot of time healing that pattern, coming more into my own freedom in love. I know from experience, spending time on judging, fear and againstness drains, joy, love creative flow. I take every opportunity to heal and awaken in Love. I am not perfect, but as I see this pattern show up in my neighborhood, I look more deeply at my own concerns with this.

We see the world crying for peace, kindness and underranding. Everyone wants a place to belong, to know Love to live in health, safety, happiness and love. I am at times saddened and challenged when I experience this same challenge in my own neighborhood. It is macro and micro. The only answer I have is keep refocusing in me, finding my own peace and forgiveness. Not looking outside me, as I do not know the capacity of those around me. I only know I have experienced and seen loving Miracles over and over again.

I TRUST LOVE.. Those who choose the opposite get to live in that. I know what that is so I can understand and let go, Move on in my life with my own purpose. Loving. I have been gossiped about and lied about here. I keep Blessing it all. The days it is harder for me are the days, I Bless me in my loving healing. I know God is Present in me and I open to the Grace Healing and protection of love.

I look at the world through those eyes, there are so many nuances going on each person, the wind blows and they see in different ways, hear in different ways, feel in different ways. Trusting oneself is an interesting game. If you trust your negativity more than your love, guess what you play in mostly. I was given this lesson to wake to love in this lifetime. I can truly have compassion for those who live in internal fear all the time. Those who live in the ideal of power through negativity. My response over and over is, I did that too, and I was a prisoner of that. I took a chance on what I really wanted LOVE, not controlling love but Loving flow. I have been so blessed with experiences that go beyond this world, and flow into me and my life. It may be a constant step by step process, but, I choose Love is the mountain I walk.

I wish for all those who are wondering why they are stuck, that they might try this on.

“What you seek is You” Rumi.

Love is You. I wonder what it would be like to know you? Love…it is not outside of you. It is in you., Be willing to be honest, when you are retracting and take time to choose you, the one who is seeking love, is love. Letting go of the outer game and go inside , this is where the war is and this is where the peace and love are.

BE kind on this journey, starting with you, there will be overflow, when you wake up. Be brave and take a look inside. Allow Love to lead you there. Be honest it is only you. God loves All of its Creation. You are Beloved, you will know this when you allow this radiation to awaken in Love. Put down your swords of anger and control and see what will be revealed. Are you Brave enough for peace and love?

I know I still have to dance this dance hen I want something or someone to be different and and I am grateful every day. I have the power to go back inside to God, and reveal and heal. You have this too. Choice.

You are Beloved. Join the Dance of Love…

In Loving Service


Can You Love Yourself ? Letting go control of others ?

Can you love yourself? Can you stop placing blame on others? Can you see your own self and patterns that are not in Loving ? Can you take time to explore the ones inside who go to control, anger, judgment, violence, oppression, hurt and more, allow the revealing of what lies and lies behind the lie’s that ell you there is something wrong, unloved within.

I know this can be a very scary thing to do. To look at oneself and see that all the separation we experience is ours. It is inside. We have experiences that have promoted this but, we are also a gift of love with a super power of Love Healing. To be unshackled from blame, shame, and unworthiness, and more. The key to the chains we wear are in the loving heart, Spiritual Heart is infinite unconditional love. We are responsible for what we hold inside, body, mind emotions and all levels.

Take time to go inside and see how you are holding anger and blame and give it a loving place to reveal what keeps promoting this. you will find your Super Power of Love can reveal Love is present and open to Spiritual assistance . You have to be willing to let go and receive. This can be big order. The unknown.. Trust Love. If we keep our eyes on the inner love we might find more and more freedom and see through our loving eyes all is good in God. We are met where we put our attention.

Be open to love, it is your true nature. Start with you, love the places that want to hold onto hurt, anger etc.. ask if you are willing to be happy, let go in love, To reveal yourself and allow these stories, positions to fall away in Love. All of this has understanding that will come forward as you let go in vulnerability. You will be surprised at you. The Divine Love You Are.

Beloved One of The Beloved – ONE…

A share that went awry. Love

Hi All,

I wanted to share a beautiful song called For You by Eric Bibb on the last post. Unfortunately I could not embed it and it repeated the last post but, you can go to YouTube if you would like to experience a love song of comfort. It is worth it, let it sing you inside.

You are Loved right here now. Just go inside and let go, let love, Let God Allow the rising Love to surround what is in fear – hurt – any kind of separation. Breathe in the music of gentle love and allow comfort to soothe what is in need of softening in love, in safety, in hope and upliftment. It is in your very breathe, pause and be present. Let Go Let Love. It is your answer. Calm you mind and listen to your breath in silence, open to receive. It will quicken in love, softening and relaxing in each step of letting go , over and over. you are Beloved, You are Love, You are love Now…

In Loving Service


Loving Peace Workshop Gathering. Friday, April 1st, 2022. Time 6:30pm to 9:30pm pacific time. Zoom.

It is a time to expand in our loving, our peace. These go hand in hand. This is a dance of willingness to let go in loving acceptance.

Join me for a 3 hour evening of healing in the loving. We are called to be a peace frequency on the planet, this starts within our own inner selves. What is going on is a frequency that will reveal and shake our own inner wars, hurts, and misunderstanding. These are not to be judged or fought or believed. This is our challenge, how do we view these in loving holding for a transformation in Love within?

We will focus with loving peace mediations and process what is out of sync with the Love Frequency in us. Opening to loving healing. There is always more opportunity, no matter how much you have come into what seems to be a high frequency of love- you are still here with us humans, playing in the dance of love to re-awakened, it is Divine play. It is never done and that is a beautiful piece of news. We are infinite love with infinite creation to reveal the knowing through the experience of moving from separation into illumination of the Divine One we are already. More expansion every time, in perfect ways and perfect timing.

This is a process that is aligned with how our planet, all of us are here are in this together. Yet each one has their unique way of showing up and walking their personal walk to the knowing if you choose. This knowing is always revealing more. So sweet and so subtle and then not so subtle.

To Register: email me –

payment : $150 via Venmo or Zellie or PayPal.

Date April 1st, 2022 Time 6:30pm to 9:30pm pacific time.

In Loving Service