Sharing Flow

The voice you listen to.

The loving expansion within is always in cycles of the caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. The cycle will bring new experiences in nuances and greater ways, just when we ” think” we know what is going on and we are on the right path, we may find things challenge us. These challenges are gifts. They are asking us to look deeper into ourselves and see and ask am I free in my loving and am I allowing others their freedom? Do I need everyone to see it my way? Even do I think I know better? The main place to go is to the heart. We will find when we move inward, and upward, we find places that probably are holding onto validation of others, not knowing love is present no matter what. All expressions are Loved even when we can’t understand.

It can seem exciting when we launch on a new endeavor, and it is. Then we have the constant opportunity to let go and allow the flow of love to lead. This is in us. Leading is and can be – being present in love – no push – not even a doing. Allowing others to be who they are and follow their own inner guidance and choices. Sometimes this brings us into a mutual focus and sharing and sometimes it looks different, yet loving is still present.

Each cycle brings new opportunity, allow this to be a journey of observation, when we find ourselves all in and we can not lift and observe in love and see that the unknown is manifesting and we can allow this to lead in Love. No Push just a dance of stepping and letting go in Love.

We are ONE – we all are unique and have our path of Love designed perfectly for each of us. We may not understand others but, can we observe and allow? Take care in love inside and move from this place, no demands.

Be the Love and allow Flow inside and how we share in this world. Let the guidance come through in ease and clarity. No one has to…No one should… Just be Love in relaxation. This allows creativity in ways known and unknown. Let everyone choose their path. Be Love…

We all are Beloved – Be – Loved

Celebrate You – Refresh – Renew – Light Yourself Up !

Wishing you Happiness – Health – Creativity -Play and Abundance in All Ways.

This calendar year is closing and we open to a new one.

This is a time we celebrate letting go of the old and bringing in new opportunities. This is a symbolic time for most people. Hope and a sense it is possible to let go of old baggage and create a new experince in our lives is present.

This opportunity actually is present every day, every moment. This moment is your opportunity to know you are the key to the renewed loving space inside that allows a new expanded view of yourself and the world you are co-creating. Letting go of the places and spaces that hold onto “safe places” that have actually been blocking your love and view of what is calling you, the unknown is present. You are in the New Year Moment by Moment.

Happy New You Moment by Moment and Happy New Year !

End and Start your calendar years by setting an intention of letting go and open to your loving expanded life from within. Give Yourself and / or another a Light Session Package, setting the intention of Renewal and more. Let the Light ignite within and see what comes forward. Light Yourself Up! Series of 3 Light Sessions $900.

In Loving Service


CLOSET LIGHT SESSION – A New Loving Service I am Offering – End or Begin your year in renewal. This post has more information… more opportunity.

Open the door let theLight in – Clear your Inner closet while you clear your outer closet allowing the light in, letting go of what you no longer need, opening to more light inspiration. Creativity… A New Loving Service I am Offering

I am excited to share a new opportunity to work in the Loving Light expansion in an ordinary way. This can be such a loving playful and tender process. Renewing.

My life has given me many ways to share in the creative processes that can bring more loving which brings expansion, letting go of routines, costumes and hidden hurts and old self limiting images.

Our clothing is something we all relate to as part of how we are seen or want to be seen or see ourselves. My years as a wardrobe stylist allowed me to work on fashions shoots that focused on image on the outer. That path brought me to another level, much more intimate. The personal experience of helping people go through their closets exploring, clearing and expanding clothing but, what happened was Light sessions came forward. This brings discovery of old patterns holding onto beliefs about one – self, hurts, false beliefs and false images.. Freedom from the old routine, old beliefs, allows expansion from within. Renewing the inner love leading to flow in the Light love, living in this world in the loving – free center more and more.

Everything holds energy. What you are telling yourself about yourself when you choose or hold onto these things can be limited. you are always in change, allow yourself to let go and see what is reveal to reveal itself in you. When we lighten our self the shift ripples in our homes and life. Let go of what is no longer serving and renew in expansion. This is an inside job, also outer. There are many ways to approach this, it is in your intention.

This is a vulnerable place, which allows us to let down your guard, maybe it is scary to look at yourself this way but, it turns into a joyful uplifting, transformation on the inner – then the outer will reflect that.

This work is still focused Spiritually in love expansion, how we treat ourselves , love ourselves is the biggest key, and clothing is one of those avenues that reveals a lot of hidden coverings. Our expressions and our hiding.

I am now offering this new service. LIGHT – ClLOSET SESSIONS!

These are offered via zoom and possibly at your home if all aligns. This is powerful, playful and expanding process. Opportunity

The LIGHT – CLOSET sessions are 2 hours @ $400, 1 hour @ $225, or if you request a package of 3, you can request one session as a LIGHT CLOSET session – $950prepayment once we set a date and time.

This is a wonderful way to end or begin the year and maintain throughout the year.his is a great gift.

Contact me and we will set you up. So much love light and joy – expansion..

email me – or 415-606-4883 – leave a message and I will get back asap.

Im looking forward to helping you know you in even greater ways!

In Loving Joyful Service


Love The ONE You Are With

This time of year we are focused more on joy, love sharing and caring.

What a wonderful focus for all the times.

We all are here in a human experience and in this experience we find ourselves flowing in and out of comfort and discomfort, in and out of a sense of love, joy, peace and willingness to share and care.

Love the one you are with… The one inside that resist love or is in discomfort is also Beloved.. Take a breath and go inward and bring Love to the one who is in discomfort or disturbance. Let this part of you be present, listen and allow the opportunity to be with this part and bring the loving frequency into yourself, and just love you. All parts.

If you find you have a judgement on your self or others, allow the hurt or place that feels discouraged, ostracized or unworthy to come into this loving field. Forgive yourself for judging yourself . If you have judged the discomfort love it and forgive yourself for judging the one who is uncomfortable. This is a part that does not know love and is calling for help. We may find we want to blame others, just love yourself, allow the place that keeps others inside you as your source, (your problem or your answer). Let go and forgive the judgment or judgments you have held onto that keep you in separation inside. Love the one you are with inside.

When we do this we find that we experience ourselves more and more in acceptance of ourselves and others. This leads to graceful – ease filed sharing and caring. It’s okay that these things come up. Do not deny, push down any of these orphans, they will resurface in many ways. Allow your self to love the one you are with back into love. Be the Blessing of Love that you are to yourself and then you will find overflow of love in you, in ease and grace.

Take time to be with you and God inside. The loving may surface the places that do not feel they belong as they do not know Love. Be the Love to all of you.

Time to care and share with others includes you first. Build your foundation from within, as this is where it is all happening. Beloved.. you will radiate in this love and walk your life in trust of love more and more. Keep loving. Trust Love. Your love flow is the Beloved breathing you. Be willing to let go and receive. love the one you are with…

Happy Holidays – Be the Love you are.

In Loving Service


Illuminate Love- Light Workshop Series , New Dates. December 8th, & 20th 2022 – January 12th & 26th, 2023


This time of year is an opportunity to let go and move deeper and higher in Loving Light.

This Series of gatherings will support you in remembering to go inside and be present with your inner loving. Helping you to let go of what is standing in your way of knowing you are Beloved.

This time of year is about sharing and doing in the world, celebrating. We celebrate Love – the Light in us and what is expanding in us and the planet. In the doing we can be pulled out of our center and miss this loving opportunity and only see the doing as the purpose.

Join me and a small group, to take time to go within, in meditation and processing, attuning to the love current and letting go of what may be coming up in restrictions. Ride this time of energy of Light to illuminate within. Take time for your Beloved Heart, it is you. It leads your life.

Dates & Times: Tuesday December 9th – 6:00pm – 10:00pm – Pacific time

Tuesday December 20th – 4:00pm – 8:00pm – Pacific Time

Tuesday January 12th – 4:00pm – 8:00pm

January 26th , 2023 – 4:00pm to 8:00pm – A New Year Upliftment…

Tuition: $900: Prepayment Venmo or Zellie or PayPal

Register please email me at

Fall Retreat – The Love Current – November 15, 16 & 17, 2022 – Ojai California or Online – There is a Space For You.

The Love Current 3 Day Retreat

November 15, 16, & 17 2022 – Location: Emerald Iguana Inn – Ojai California – Also Zoom, create your own sacred space and join us.

Times -Nov. 15 – 4:00pm to 6:00pm PT

Nov. 16 – 9:30 am to 5:30 pm pt

Nov. 17 – 9:30 pm to 5:00pm PT

There is a song of love in you – singing your every cell. Attuning the frequency of cells self is a remembering of home, of Light , of Love that Lights your life.

The path of life keeps meandering bringing up many possibilities to forget this Love Current – the experience of retractions in many ways can become weary to the cells self. Ignite the Love the Light in remembering yourself, your Soul in loving meditation and healing processes. Call yourself forward in Love, make yourself available to the Loving Light and allow the reboot, the refreshment of understanding in loving Grace. You choose – this is a path of exploring and finding the blocks that are ready to avail themselves to new horizons residing inside. This overflow radiates a Love current in and around. Spilling over in radiant Love to all. See your life resound in Lovelight and ignite.

Join me and a small group in this sweet space together and see what reveals itself for your upliftment and well being. You are Beloved, to know this is an experience of letting go and letting Love prevail in those spaces and places that no longer need to hold onto the fight, control, or resistance.

We all will relax into the Love Current as each of us comes into our own inner harmony, We sing in harmony, we are sung. Each has their own frequency and the ride harmonizes with Spirit, in joy, ease, and Grace prevails.

To Register: email me @

Hotel is not included in tuition. The Link to reserve your space is ( There is limited space – I suggest you do this asap.)

Tuition : $750 – Payment may be made via Venmo – Zellie or PayPal.

Tuition is non refundable October 1st, 2022

Please email me with any questions.

There is a Loving Space for you…

In Loving Service


contact; 415-606-4883 and

Song love click

October 2022 – Bay Area Private Light Sessions with Christi, …. Fall Refresh …. Put your request in now.

Light Sessions with Christi Mider – San Francisco and Navato, Ca.

October 22, 23, & 24, 2022 put your request in now

Book your Session Now, as there is limited space.

New beginnings are in constant flow individually and globally, daily and in every breath. Let go of the old patterns – ways of living from within and expand the view through your Beloved eyes. These are times of opportunity to awaken to a more expansive loving inner life and outer life. When I speak of this I am referring to letting go of the separations inside, revealing the one or ones inside that are holding tight to past hurts, controls, fear, shames, all old realities. Wake the Beloved you are and know– see we all are this Loving and life is inspired in this loving flow.. How can we be in harmony within and live our life with others in this harmony that is flowing? Taking time to clear – open the flow of Love that is breathing you … it is your life inspiration, this is a beautiful dance of Love. You are the key to all of what you experience and co- create. Your Inner Vitality is renewed as you expand your view from within. Expansion in the heart overflows, in a renewed relaxation – relatiosnship with yourself, this overflows in your life in all areas, Be present and know all is well. This is a polishing that reveals the very essence of love breathing you. you are a love inspiration.

 Private Light Sessions in San Francisco and there is an option to see me in Novato. Both venues are Marilyn Jaeger Studio.

Sessions run 1 /1/2 to 2 hours, please allow time to support you

Session Cost $350 – Prepayment via Venmo or Zelle or PayPal is the process I request to schedule your session

To Book a time with me please email me at 

Please include your phone contact and date – time and location San Francisco or Novato, you would like. Marilyn Jaeger Studio will be the venue. 

Dates: Saturday – October 22 nd 

Sunday – October 23 rd

 Monday – October 24 th

Tuesday – 25th is on reserve if I have overflow.

All sessions scheduled are nonrefundable, Travel Cancelation policy – must be made minimum of 10 days prior to your appointment. After that no cancelation

In Loving Service – Christi


A voice out of this world
calls on our souls
not to wait any more,
get ready to move
to the original home.

Your real home,
your real birth place
is up here with the heavens.

Let your soul take a flight
like a happy phoenix.

You’ve been tied up,
your feet in the mud
your body roped to a log. 

Break loose your ties
get ready for the final flight.

Make your last journey
from this strange world. 

Soar for the heights
where there is no more
separation of you and your home.

God has created
your wings not to be dormant. 

As long as you are alive
you must try more and more
to use your wings to show you’re alive.

These wings of yours
are filled with quests and hopes. 

If they are not used
they will wither away,
they will soon decay.

You may not like
what i’m going to tell you. 

You are stuck. 

Now you must seek