Gratitude and Love


This is a time we all become more busy in the world.

Remember Love is at the heart of it all. Be present in yourself as you are out in the world playing with family and friends. This is a time we tend to forget and stretch ourselves in ways that may cause a sense of separation, not enough time for the one inside. This one is Beloved.  When we  stay attuned to the source,  we stay in flow.

Remember to be present, be love, be grateful flow, in yourself  with Spirit…You are One Love. You will have overflow.

I am sending you all my Love and Gratitude, in this time Thanksgiving.

in Loving Service



Let God


Let go, Let God.

This is a wonderful focus, and this is a challenge for most.

We live in a field of Karma that pulls at our emotions, our minds, our bodies that seems to have all the power. To be with ourself, and  go within we are going to find a lot of chatter and more. To be willing to be with this in loving and open to a new experience takes a commitment to yourself, letting go in every retraction to love.. No one else can do it for you, but, others may be able to assist you in learning to Love. Love yourself which makes it easier to be within yourself, be quiet- let go let God.

To love all of yourself in a way that allow freedom within. Allows freedom with others. We begin to appreciate ourselves and others as they are. Each of us has our unique song, this song is Divine, of the Beloved. This song merges into the oneness the is-ness and we are free.

Then we come back in the body, and we feel the pull of the world. Karma will keep us busy with against- ness to ourselves or others. Of course others are reflecting what is an opportunity for us to love more inside. Where someone else has the ability to shake us is the very place we are not aware of  love inside. The place we still do not know or love. This is a perfect part of us that is still unaware of the Divine Love that is present within.

Let Go – let God is love expansion. To love all is a constant opportunity.

Take a deep Breath into those places you feel tight, or hurt or restricted, or shame or righteous or fear or …you put what comes up here, Breathe in and love this place, do not avoid it. Do not stuff it, allow it to be held in Love breath. allow a love conversation to reveal what you have been harboring in separation inside. You may find a release is simple or you may find it takes time, all is perfect. The veils of Karma keep us busy with believing there is a problem, a separation, that is its job. Move into Love and you will find you connect deeper inside and altitude begins to free you up in Love.

Be Kind to you and you will find more ease in your inner and then you may feel more comfortable in this world with others who you feel a challenge with. This challenge is only another polishing opportunity. This is a perfectly imperfect creation.

Love the imperfection and you will find more Grace is coming forward. Demanding just keeps you in separation from what you seek. Flow is a subtle Light filed experience , Let go Let God is Flow.

Be open to a new freedom, let go in Love.

Remember it is a road of Love opportunities …

Happy Wednesday….Click Link for song




Take Care


My journey in this Christi Body and Human BEING of 61 years  is one who has been given a playground of  a  Divine  sensitive.

This is not special ,it is an experience of self awareness and expanded awareness of the psychic surrounding happenings and vibrations. I am  also blessed with a Beautiful connection in Spirit where ease and expansion of love are all present.

I have found my life self care requires me to take space and time for myself in ways that might seem separate or as if I do not share with others. Some people may even take offense at times.

One of the challenges in this way of being, is to love myself as I am and not abandon myself so others feel okay, as I  I pay a price that no one else is aware of until you have had the experience. Most people are not aware of their own inner connection being mixed in with someone else’s.  When this abandonment happens it is not a Love flow this is a costume that is easily crumbled.

I have spent years coming to terms with how and who I am, I am still in process as we all are infinite. The one constant I know to be true is love is my intention.

To be Love in ones self, all of oneself can be a huge challenge for most. To love ourselves the way we are and not try to make anyone be what we want them to be plays into this and to know Love is freedom. I do not always know this and in those moments, those places I find more love opportunity.

This has never been about control, this is about expansion, being authentic in Love. This means vulnerability in my self when others do not like my way of being.

To stay true in love I must be honest inside, check if I am doing something that is loving in me to me and then there is overflow in sharing with others. This may not look like what others expect, but, if they are open inside to their own Love flow they will know and lift inside without a word or exchange happening.

I want to say I am doing my best to take care of myself, so I can help take care of others. What taking care of myself looks like to keep my physic awareness and sensitivity aligned in Light, may look counter to what others expect but it keeps my health and Love heart aligned in flow. This means not hugging and hanging out in the world as much as others do. I have my play on the inner and outer in subtle ways.

Acceptance of ones self without going against another is freedom.

Be Brave and Love beyond the should inside, be honest, love all parts and know we all have our own experiences and are walking a road that has many turns. Do not assume you know what is going on with another, when we get our own hurts, it is not because of another, it is how we are with ourselves.

We are all Beloved Beings walking in a playground of learning, expanding in love.

Be the Love you seek. It is overflow when you open your own inner heart to you in all ways.

Thank you for letting me share this light love Work With You.

I wish you a loving experience with Your Self in and of The Beloved Divine Flow, it is an infinite opportunity.

Some one said to me ” Once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will be comfortable.” R.W.  These words always bring me back to me in Loving, allowing me to remember I am and this is not my home.

In Loving Service




You Are Held In Love


Love – is…

Have you noticed that the more you think you are not being loved or not lovable you experience this? Have you ever noticed when you relax and move to your inner Love you begin to know Love is present?

It is simple, except when we forget and start judging, moving to lack inside, bringing the experience of lack ,as we are the key to our experience.

No one can make you know you are loved, yes being with those who are sharing love by being this is wonderful to surround yourself with. Even when you are with those people, you eventually must be with yourself, Question how is it inside you when you are with yourself?

When you encounter those who are loving but, do not live it the way you believe it should look like, do you close your own heart off because your mind has a story of what is right and wrong? How can you be in lack when Love is present? It is choice to relax and be in Love flow or decide you need to control how that Love is usable for you, do you judge and feel you are not loved. Who moved to lack?

This is all a beautiful dance of Love, where you place yourself in Lack is just information that you are still awakening to the love within. It is never about with-holding love- Love is a flow in us always present and we are this. We all have different ways of being in this world. Have you ever been in a group of people and not felt love. Even in the midst of hugs and sharing? It is not the action that proves love, Love is present. Have you ever sat next to a person or been in a room with someone and silently experienced love expanding? No need to lack? It is in you and that person may be resonating the love. Your love expands in you. It is an inside job.

Let go of the mind and emotions that keep telling you something is wrong.

Love is Free flow. No demands, no lack, overflow is present. Love yourself, breathe Love. Listen to the one who is thinking and feeling lack,  give that part love. What are you holding onto that keeps you with-holding love to yourself? Are you holding onto the time you felt hurt by someone who did not show you love, so every time someone doesn’t show love the way you want, it triggers the belief  there is no Love present.  This is a place that is still asleep, waiting for love. Love is present. Be the Love to this place. Find the process of Love that will comfort and allow this place to know love. Not know it is loved, know it is Love. This brings flow, a release of the story, Forgive the misunderstanding you have told yourself. Receiving Love in a way inside that is free and present begins to breathe you. Be The Love, flow and allow. Be kind to yourself, do not with- hold love. you can not control any of this outside you but, you can move inside and be the key of Love, where it all is anyhow.

You are Beloved.

Be the Love

Simple Gift


Sweetness of your heart is present.  Remember when you are in your daily living and creating, be present in your heart. It is a peaceful sweet place, relaxed, there is overflow and no need. Allow your breath to move freely in you. Let love flow in you as you breathe in, be present, open your heart and be with you in Love. It is in you. Keep it simple – you are the gift, when you come to you in love, you are here in this moment, full, all is present. Receive and give in the moment of Love breathing you.

Quiet your mind with kind thoughts, loving thoughts. Let go of what is holding you in need or should, find your sweet spot inside of love. All the things that pull you away from this sweet spot are polishing  you, calling you to choose. Choose Love as your inspiration. It is easy when you are aligned in Love. All flows in Grace.

If there is resistance, love this too. Allow yourself to expand this place in Love, allow what is in restriction to step into the Light the Love and be nourished to freedom.

Happy Sunday – The Gift of Simple Flow in Love – of Love is yours – is you.

Enjoy the music here.

Never Good bye


All We Loved is us we are One Love.

Process grief, let your heart break open, it is infinite Love as this is what we are beyond the physical holding on. Be open to the process and know you are on a path of expansion in Love in Light, In God. To know you are never alone or separate is a challenging and amazing experience of letting go and receiving more than we know in the mind, emotions and body. Though all that will attune in the expansion in to the Beloved.


Peace is present go inside, love and be open to what appears in Love.




Love –

Being Love is flow one connected in Sprit . This love is one that we awake to as we clear the veils of karma. It always is present, though we may not know this as we forget in this human play.

To remember, to awaken, is not an easy process but it is simple It is a Grace process, when we are letting go, we let go of control to receive beyond what we “think or emotion” what we need love to be so we  know we are Loved and belong. The places inside that do not know this Love, will react in hurt and upset as that is what is living there.. That is okay as it is another opportunity to Love more, heal more, the place that walks around in you this way all the time. It may be quite at times but, it is always waiting to be told it doesn’t belong or is not loved. This is only a place that is still in the illusion of hurt. Grace is available in Love, in Letting Go, in Forgiveness.

There is a bridge we build in us that connects our awareness of our Soul. This bridge touches the personality which does not know all is Love, this personality you wants and needs, and in the wanting, needing you may feel separated. That is okay, but what if you could open in those moments and  move to the the inner bridge and stand in  Spiritual Love and Know  all is present. This is a day to day moment to moment process. Intention of God, intention of love is one that lets go of control and knows it is in all present.

Close your eyes, move to your heart, breathe in the love and breathe out what hurts. Open your heart, breathe in the love Let go and allow the Spirit to flow in the Breath.

Move deeper inside, open you heart and relax, allow a stream of Light to flow as it streams rom the highest of heaven – through the top of your head, breath it down into your body, all the way to your feet, and as you breathe out let go and let this light flow out your feet, filling the space around you,  Repeat this and as you do this colors may show up, let that be what it is, it is for you , it is what you need. You are loved and taken care of, you do not have to know how it is being done.

Now relax into this flow and notice a bridge, a flow has expanded in you and you are on this Spiritual Bridge, all is lifted and balance begins to be present. You see and know you are Love, you are loved, and you are Beloved. You may see that what disturbed you is not real, it has no power in this place. You may love the place that forgot and lovingly forgive any thing that came up or comes up. Those are the places that just need love and forgot they are Divine.

We are all loving beings, even when we forget. Where we defend out hurt, we are shutting off our love inside to ourselves. Move to Loving that place, move to Spirit and allow Grace to illuminate. It is simple not easy and you must be willing to let go. It is beyond the mind and emotions. you must be willing to go inside to Love step in -on  the Bridge and let go.

Be Love You Already are.

Much Much Love