Polishing You…March 28th, 2021 , Evening Gathering

We are in a beautiful time of expansion.
I am called to offer a pop up evening to gather and polish in Love and Light as a group.The Planet is in all of us, we are not separate from the whole, and we are in an opportunity to uplift from within always, bringing comfort, healing in love to ourselves, this ripples out in creation. As we let go of the separation that we have co-created in our lives and lifetimes, through misunderstanding in so many was, with-holding love in confusion – our inner life shows up in the outer experience, through those confused eyes. . We can awaken in our loving strength these places – this is the Grace field that you are aligned in awakening in flow, polishing the places that are sleeping to the brilliance of light- love you are.


Join me for a 3 hour Gathering of polishing – .

Sunday Evening March 28th, 2021 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time

Tuition: $ 125
To Register please contact me at christi@chirsitmider.com or text 415-606-4883

Prepayment: Venmo, Paypal, Zellie.
In loving ServiceChristi


These are times of confusion,, that being said, I have been aware that communication has also been confused.

I have been made aware that people have reached out to me here and in email and not heard back, please know I always respond, I did not see any of those attempts. Please text 415-606-4883 if you do not receive a response.

I am looking in to what this may be about. My apologies if you have not heard back form me, hopefully you are receiving this.

In loving Flow of Sharing and Caring lifting all together.

In Loving Service


Let Go of Control – Open to Inner of Love

Take a moment and check with yourself for the place or places you may be focused on control. Maybe you are holding onto wanting others to be what you want them to be, maybe you are waiting for an outcome that you think is right or wrong, maybe you are locked into a pattern that says when I have this I’ll be free or know I am loved. I know this list of day to day control patterns come up for all of us in the most subtle and not subtle ways, even wanting people to see you in a certain way…

So, What if you consider letting this mind hold go, move inside to your own inner heart Love flow and be love to this place, in you. That is all you have to do, let go of out there control and be Love in you. Not shutting off others just open inside you. Breath in and out, let go of control positions and breathe in the love. Slowly or quickly you may find you relax and become quiet in this place of flow. Now you are beginning to open to the flow of love that is full all the time, there is no lack. You know you are full, and this sea of Love resides in you, the creative vessel of giving and receiving is always full, and you do not need to control others, you give and receive from an infinite source that is always surrendering in the bounty of fullness. What you are holding onto will be returned over and over until you let go to the Infinite source of Love that resides in you, breathing you.

I challenge you to play in this, when you hear your mind, emotions and feel your body move in control consider, is this loving inside me right now? Then just try on what it is to let go of the separation position ( control ) and allow yourself to come present in Love. How is that for you? Do you want more of that? If so you are the one who holds the key, so, have at it. Open your inner kingdom of Love. Moment by moment, you choose. Let go of the control to Love…

In Loving Service


Inside – Out


Can You Love All Of You? That means the good, bad and ugly…

When we compare or judge ourselves we are in separation from ourself. I know I have written for years – it is an inside experience – view – reaction and story that is generating our experience. Love is the answer but, it can be challenging to be honest – be with yourself, be kind, and be willing to know a deeper Love Flow that is what you are. This love is present in all aspects of you, once you come willing to let go of a position of right and wrong, you give space to the voice inside that may be afraid to share the hurt, not knowing that there is a loving embrace awaiting to comfort and heal, simply allow the Loving Light to illuminate, soothe this place of forgetfulness back to its pure essence of Divine love Not tossing them aside but bringing a High Frequency of Love to these hurts upset, is a powerful awakening to the Beloved within.

Take a moment each time you hear yourself or feel yourself in retraction, negative thoughts or feelings, if you are focused on the outside, go back inside, this may be uncomfortable, that is perfect,. This is a place you are avoiding – Love. You are wanting to be taken care of, to be loved but, if you can not be with yourself in this you are creating more separation inside and experience more separation in your outer world, you are Beloved – be – Loved to yourself and you will find more harmony inside and through your heart you will be more free in your life of love. Then more will open in ways that are beyond this world.

BE Kind – Be Honest – Be – Loved in you. If you are afraid to see yourself, be kind and look in the mirror at the beauty in your eyes and open to love those places that are afraid. Be present in Breath of love.

You are the key… Be present… Open the doors that you have closed inside to yourself, the Lovelight that is Breathing You. Be Present in Love Breath… You are Beloved.

In Loving Service


Let Go – Harmony – Peace

This song is so sweet, take a moment and just allow the places that are holding on to hurt, anger, or … what if you let Love sing there. Take a Love breath in each time that place comes up with a reason to resist peace or love. Let love in those places you have held as a separation so you could be safe, move on, or protect a position or… Let love Sing….It is al in you, let this flow of God Love , love that is free, there is nothing to do but be present in you and let go to Love….Forgive yourself for withholding love to yourself, do this in loving Breath and relax, receive… allow what is to be… no one has to change, let go of control and Be present in this love flow you allow Grace and life inspired in Love. It is in all of this journey….It is the Inspiration of this journey. Love….

Journey Of Love – Freedom to Liberation… The Path…

I am wondering how all of you are doing? How are you inside? Are you finding the opportunity to love more? Are you Challenged or have you seen through your God eyes all is perfect and you know you are completely – totally in the Oneness, accepting all that is inside and outside of you? IN GOD FLOW INSIDE AND OUT?

Well, even when there is resistance it is a form of god flow, not the God Flow I mention above but, it is the design of the Journey of Love.

These questions are the ones I am in process with everyday inside, taking time to be honest, allowing what comes up to be my gift of love. Gift of Love opportunity. Being honest in what is present, what is Out of Order in me and around me, seeing where I am afraid to look or acknowledge, say out loud that this is happening or present. No shame, no blame, opening to what is in hurt, fear and resistance is the path I am ready to clear awakening the Loving – support flows. These places are the very things keeping me in separation out of the Love Flow.

I am grateful for this as I can see almost moment by moment some days, where there is separation from Love, from knowing the infinite Love flow supporting all parts of me, my breath, my health, wealth and happiness. My inner flow is not in love flow.

When I let go to loving forgiveness Light guided clearings, I come present, there is a space inside that is available for renewing in love flow, I am careful to bring forward the willingness to receive, breathing in this Love Light, calming, filling in this Love flow. There is no punch line it is a being full and a BEING what is. All is present.

From this place I am more available to receive inspiration in my day to day co-creating. This is on going polishing for me. I am challenged and I go deeper, more willing to let go of the thing that I am holding onto, thinking it is the only way or maybe feeling lost, limited by what is present, instead of shifting my view. When I shift I see what is present is calling me to open to more infinite Love Supply. New things are waiting for ME to come present. I have to open my heart, my eyes, ears, and receive in my mind, my whole being knows, take a step, be at this place or just wait it is coming to you. Trust is a powerful thing. Trusting in yourself in change, allowing change inside to release the old, with your intention clear inside to renew in the new expanded loving life. Inside and Out.

Be present with you, be aware as you walk through your day, take pause, allow what comes up to be recognized , and ask what is going on. These things can not to be tossed aside, they will resurface, in the emotions, mind, or body, people will show up to remind you. Take care of yourself, you are Gods Love Manifested, what would it be like to know this fully and BE this awake?

My favorite quote is ” Ordinariness is the Prior condition to God”J.R. Let your mind go and allow your heart to open with that is and see what surfaces. Letting go of control, is part of this. Allowing flow in Love is a powerful expansion .

Enjoy your Journey of Love, it is full of hills and valleys. Let go and glide, and when you stumble, see it a place that is a bit wobbly and has an opportunity to show you more of where you deny your Divine nature.

You are love- you are loved.

In Loving Service


Session bookings- email christi@christimider.com or text 415-606-4883

Journey of Love – In Flow

Love Flow. What does that look like?

There is a flow of freedom within that allows ease in a simple inner love that is present.

Our days are ours to experience, they are created and experienced through our focus our inner patterns. What would it be like to be focused and resonating from within a temple of love that is simple like your breath, it is present and supported without you thinking about it. There is a knowing that you are breathed. Maybe some people have challenges in this area, as we know in these times this has been a focus. Not having breath, feeling out of control.

What if we bring our focus back inside to love and relax, we can find expansion, ease and grace. Support comes to us,. Overwhelm falls away. this can be a moment by moment practice depending on what you are dealing with.

I know there are many challenges , our world is on “lockdown” but, our inner world is actually infinite in what we are , our freedom flow, our power comes from a sense of love that is present, even in challenges. When we get mental and try to figure things out we can create many doubts and feel restricted in what appears to be running us.

I know that if I take a timeout, go inside, and bring breath, love, and allow the unknown loving to percolate in me, calling in the light to remind me to be available ,I receive, I calm down, my inner vision begins clear, I see there is more available beyond what I have been focused on. Maybe it was a disturbance, of some sort, I have the opportunity to choose to align in Spirit – Loving,, it is choice to let go and say to myself, I am free in my loving here and now inside. I find the places that have restricted come forward for the loving and I can see through my loving grateful eyes all that is abundant in the moment in me and what is. It can be as simple as the awareness of love resonating in me. Nothing may change outside and no one else is needed to know this Love flow but, others can reflect. When I am aligned in this sweet place, there is freedom in me and I open to the joy, the abundance that is available.

This journey is one of love, we can all choose it, consider the places inside that are in restriction are just not feeling safe or more. Maybe you feel you need to be right or feel wrong, let go of a position, open to the healing balm. The answer is to be present and allow your loving focus in your heart, yes, you may need to think of someone or something to get it moving. Once you experience this, it is you, it is in you always. BE open to know this Divine Love is your infinite , never failing support. We will find our health, our life begins may have a sense of ease and we may find Grace begins to appear, as we let go of the against, restricted fears, open to the Loving outcome.

Just take a moment each day to appreciate all the beauty inside and you will see through those eyes – beauty is present. Let your mind quiet and your heart open, Receive the flow of Love, expand and allow what comes forward to either let go, or inspire you.

I am grateful to be present in this time of inner opportunity. When I get pulled in overwhelm, I know I have left my inner connection and given something or someone my focus , my power. They can’t have it but, as everyone can stumble into the sense they need something to know they are valid, good, safe, supported, loved etc. I go back in a realign with me and the God that Breathes me, we are one Love flow. This life is an inside job. Embrace you inside, and be – follow the Love.

In Loving Gratitude – Overflow of love