We are stepping through the looking glass every day when we wake up to our loving center. 

We have just come thorough a dimensional illusion, clearing our cells and reality to align with the Divine self we are. You may have experienced bliss , confusion, calm and pain all at once. The change in time is actually the change into no time. What we focus on is what we will experience.

The gift of unending , unconditional love and creation is here for you. You have walked through your life so far teaching yourself who you are through your experiences and creations. You now have stepped through a time that reflected a sense of separation through your senses, all of that is changed and changing.

You choose the reflection you would like, but know you will always come back to the source you are of and that you are.

The loving Divine you and source are beckoning you back home. Home is you and your loving.

Embrace this wonderful Divine you with no shame or fear. Open your heart and the Heaven you are will sing out into the world, healing and lifting all that you touch. Aligning with the sacred sound and light you create from and with.

Be all you are in this New Year and always.

Happy Divine New Year.

Love Christi

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