We all have heard this truth, what does that really mean ?

The letting go is not a mind thing, and letting God is not a demand .

Letting love and being willing in the heart is the path. Holding your heart , loving hostage in pain and suffering, blame and shame keeps you from receiving what you are seeking. Demanding only brings more resistance and disappointment. Opening your heart to loving what is , allows spirit to dance with you lifting the pattern you hold so dear to you that causes the pain.

Letting go of the blame, pain, shame, and victim by loving all those parts with compassion  and tenderness allows the loving spirit to bring grace in. We do not understand this in the mind, we have a knowing in our heart beat, and in our breath. When we surrender to this, it is done.

Be willing, be the love. Be willing and receive the miracles. They are here, open your heart by letting go of the story and be the love in the story.

Love and Light

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