Life seeks light, light seeks life, light seeks light.

There is no separation. The only time we experience separation is when we only focus on what is not. There is always growth in what seems to be a desert with no change of terrain. Keep your heart open and follow the light, it will lead you to your ocean of knowing, living love, and abundance.  

Be the light you are and  know.  Shadows will surrender to the light when you allow the light to flow through your roots that hold . You will release the doubt and fears you carry in your cells and the universal you. You will reach beyond your dreams .

The desert may look like nothing but sand, it is the palette for you to dream and create your growing light blue print of life. Bringing life to what seems barren, seeing all that is there to create in the abundant space given to you.

Be one with your light love creation. You are always seen and heard. You are the I am…

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