Seeing Clearing, Sharing Clearly, Standing in the Truth.

This dimension is filled with reflections of our minds and projections. These are illusions we are building our lives and identifying ourselves with. None of this is our true selves, it is all here for us to play and learn from.

When we are willing to know ourselves as loving powerful co-creators we become aware of how our intentions and thoughts create our experience.

If we set something in motion from a half truth or manipulation , we are muddying the creation and will have challenges that seem unloving come forward. Creating from truth and clarity, standing in this without fear and loving intention allow flow. You will be met by the same intention you put out.

Remember you are looking through your own windows of memories and beliefs. When you fall into deception , hiding or hurt, these are only your stories and you will create more of this.

Clean your windows and look for the clear loving truthful path and your heart and dreams will be met with overflow. Do not dirty the view with your need to control , allow the light and love to flood though your fears and experience who you are.

Open your window and receive all that is and that you are in the loving light.


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