Open the Doors of Truth


Truth is an interesting concept. We all have our own experience of the reflective light, what we perceive through our veils of Karma.

When we are sharing with someone and we express we have different needs or interest this does not mean it is a judgement of theirs. When we react with a need for them to want whet you want, this can cause a wall ,as opposed to a flow of sharing. Open doors of understanding come by sharing with an open heart and open mind.

When we think we know what is going on or what makes reality real, we  probably are in our ego and defending a position. once again we find our communication forceful and cut off.

One of the things I am grateful for is I have many people in my life who have explored this life through their spiritual heart / eyes. Those who that have walked before me have much to offer. I have learned to open up my heart and move to a place of innocence and in this place a flow of receiving and giving happens. When we share it is not forceful it is flowing. It is uplifting and open to the light  that expands the inner Light we are. We are one Light.

This physical world has much to offer in its ever changing illusion. To be rigid is to be cut off to your heart. It is all within us. When we are open to the flow of the light as we step into our days and choices, we experience this world as light. Depending on what you are accessing inside,  you may see beyond what is available or be focused on what you think and look for gratification through this world. This will always fall short as what you are seeking is inside. If you want the outside to fill you, hunger will continue to pull you.

This does not mean  staying in a cave but, it is opportunity to check in and see what is motivating your choices.

Exploring your inner worlds is the journey we all have at hand. This journey is happening weather you know it or not. Being with yourself can be uncomfortable at first but, once you find the inner Kingdom of God to explore, you will never find anything more exciting and challenging. Once you have tasted the Manna of Spirit you can never turn away.

Be kind to yourself…Be kind…Be open…Be love…

When you meet someone who has walked before you,  be open to what gift may being handed to you. Be open to the love inspiration that may be flowing in ways you may not understand yet. You may be surprised at what is being offered when you stop thinking you know and move to the innocence of not knowing and receiving.

We call these encounters forward, receive or do not receive that is your choice. Sooner or later you will get the knowing that is calling you home.The light will finally be more intriguing in brighter realities of Spirit and you will be pulled to those. Your spiritual eyes will open and no longer need to experience the shadows but, you will go for the lighter experiences in this creation.

Transforming the shadow moments will be easier and simple even when it seems complicated, you will find Grace waiting.

Be Open to Stepping to a Brighter Reality, it is Waiting, go inside with God.

Be the Peace, Be the Love, Be…




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