You Can Fly…


I am noticing many people are in a frame of mind that says fear is the true answer. That fight is the way. Separation from the heart is the only way to survive. Demanding things to look or be a certain way before sharing in love and knowing we are Divine.

While we are in defense and demanding we are cutting off our own ability to fly, let go and know we are free. We must be the one who steps off the ledge to the unknown focusing on Love even while we are in fear.

If we want support we must take the leap of asking and showing up, doing our part. The wind will meet you, your wings will begin to open with this first step. Being met is not about becoming weak, it is about our own strength through taking chances, showing up in the fullness of knowing we must let go of the retraction to receive. If we show up in fear and a need to control, we will be met in that frame. Give it up and watch the magic that you do not know yet.

Holding tight to fear and lack only creates more fear and lack in us and in the world. You are the key, this is not up to someone else. They can not control this in you, you give it away through your own misunderstanding of what/ who you are.

Take time with yourself and take a step that might seem like a push off a ledge. This can be a small step of change in your inner conversation, or what you choose to focus on, take  a step that brings more light, more up-liftment. Choosing out of one way of living to a new way. Not waiting for others to do so. Choosing Love, Kindness inside first. We become this, share this and there is flow.This becomes giving and receiving as one. Giving can be giving up the negativity, opening to receive love within and all flows from there.

You may be aware of people and places that bring you relief when you are around them. You may choose to spend time in these places. This would be a choice to move into your own ability to step off the ledge, giving you the opportunity to change. This change is always available through Love or you can choose the path of resistance and experience the Victim reality you create within.You must make the step to these places within and in your outer world.

There is a beautiful flight awaiting you. You may not know how you fly but, it is your nature to fly. Lightening the load within is the first step. There will be those who will hold in Love, you have to trust yourself and let go. This is where the freedom is. It is within you.

Today find a ledge to step off and be open to the Love. It is up to you. You have wings of Love and Light…Let go and Fly…

Be the Love, Be the Light…

C.M. Light

( This is more of what we all are playing with right now. Flying in our loving can be challenging. Taking a leap into the unknown, wanting to fly, having to make that choice can feel like every cell and brain wave is in high alert. I too have this experience. Im also aware there seems to be more ledges available. I used to be afraid, not to say I don’t experience that still, but I also know that ledge is just another opportunity to fly above what seem real and liberate me from another illusion I carry inside. It is an amazing time.  Choosing to leap is liberating and can be challenging. This leap starts inside. The ledge is inside… Well , challenges that becomes the fun. Enjoy…)



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