Where You Place Your Focus

Lately I am very aware of ambiguity in the World and this makes me aware of my own places of separation from the Divine with-in.

I have become more clear in this and I am also aware of the inconsistent creation in sharing around the light. When I  encounter others who hesitate, I look inside to see my own hesitations. When I free those places it may not result in others stepping in freedom yet, it is  freedom that opens me to more flow of God and I am now having new experiences  in abundance in my world, in the unknown. It is not about the outer world being perfect, it is about my inner world being free in Love in Spirit.

This is not just me but, many want to be free, yet hold tightly to control, physical, mental and emotional patterns. Comfort zones are being pushed to open in Freedom in the inner world. This is where Freedom is found. This is where the love is found, this is where God is Found.

What are we holding onto that makes our decisions for us? The illusion? Why don’t we trust the heart, the light?

What if you could focus on the Light as your answer and be open to the Light always having the answer, the place that is the knowing –  unknown. Rather than focusing on the physical world that has been reflecting the limited reality. Change happens on the inner, this is where the true alchemy lies. You can move, divorce, loose weight, gain weight, all of this is only temporary change. The Change you are seeking is within and that is You, the Divine Awakening. The Infinite God is where the perfection reigns.

Take a moment and look around you and see how you are making choices, what do you do to make choices? Are you guided in ease and freedom in Spirt or are you retracted looking around you measuring your physical in limited Heart and holding onto that as your answer? What is present is temporary – there is always change.

I challenge you to let go and be still, not controlled still, still in Love and open to flow of Spirit and ask the question you may have. Don’t be locked into an obvious answer, your gift may be one that confuses you, and you have to be willing to be confused when moving with and to the light. This is where you know you are taken care of, dancing in the Love Song of God, as you are One.

So Dance in the Light and Give it up and Receive…In Flow Love – Joy – Abundance- Unseen yet know within, then More…

In Loving Song




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