Vulnerable Love – Vulnerable Correction in My Sharing – Resending to Communicate Clarity.


I want to share a little something about my work and life.

I have been sharing Spirit with others for 20 years. It started with friend’s and co-workers on the photo shoots I was working on. I also would have encounters with people who were in need, but, truthfully it was always set up in and by Spirit. My training was always led by Spirit in the most ordinary, extraordinary ways. The direction was inner and very clear.

I was thinking tonight about this journey and how I communicate and share with others. I became aware that the real connection has always been the vulnerability. Not to say sharing the Blissful up times are not part of that, they are the outcome of sharing this way, the weaving of the rug we are co-creating. Where the Healing, the awakening lie, is in these vulnerable places we all carry. When we are willing to share, celebrate, love these places, being aware they are present and are part of being human, we relate to one another in Love. We do not need to be fixed.  We need to be Loved. Loving those places is key. Not making them your mantle but simply comforting them, being open to Loving transformation.

My “work” Light sharing is a way of life that allows me to explore and open to me, my own vulnerabilities, illuminating them with Spirit. Through these illuminations, transformation occurs in Love – awakening the awareness of Soul. I am able to share my own experiences if called for to reflect what someone is sharing in vulnerabilty and they occur consistently, while holding in compasion as the Light  – Spirit brings forward what is for the highest good for those who are present and willing to receive Spiritual assistance.. Trust in letting go and being vulnerable allows your life to lift. So we share. Spirit knows how, I hold in Love.

We all have amazing things to share, positive is in all of it. Being vulnerable, knowing as we awaken wild and woolly things may occur just before the calm, the grace becomes the norm. Be willing to share in truth, in vulnerability, do not try and fix anyone they do not need fixing. when something comes forward in a sharing it could be a chance to look inside at your own vulnerability and see the Divine in yourself and others through that human place. That is awakening. There is a peace – a love that begins to sing in those places as no fear is necessary. It is okay to know those places even in the midst of up-liftment there will be another sweet vulnerable place present.

I am interested in vulnerability, light it up in Love and watch the Spirit sing in and around you as you know you are One Divine,  foibles and all.

I am grateful and always in a place of expansion, which keeps me centered in vulnerability, even when I am off center, Spirit is present. This is an experience awaiting all. Trust in the love and free yourself, share in vulnerability.

I know this is not news to many but, consider making it available in new ways to yourself and others.

Much Love and Gratitude to all I have shared with and all to come.


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