ILLUSION – This is what we are living in our separations. Specialness – is illusion, we all are special, and when we know this we are in flow of Unity. No one can validate you, you already are the Beloved, you are the one who will know this inside.

When we set ourselves up to know our worthiness via others, we will always be chasing rainbows. The rainbow is you, it is inside. When we have a moment of joy, it is within us that is is happening. No one can make you feel this or know this, you must be willing. What we do or perceive in this world is temporary, so do not hold onto to any one thing as your proof you are Divine. The one thing is in you, and you are of it. The Oneness is in Spirit and there is no hierarchy.

Be willing to receive and to relax in flow, letting go of control and the simplicity of our heart will awaken to the Divine. God is breathing us. We are Breathed. It is simple.

Attachment to a glamour or things outside of us will always fall short, once we awaken to our inner world of Heaven. Look in the mirror and see the Beloved eyes looking back at you. Open your heart and see the Beloved in you, this is what you are seeking.

It already is. Be Breathed in the infinite Love – Let go, the mind does not know, the emotions do not know, it is in the quiet of the lift of the Breath – you will experience the Light opening It is simple and it is infinite.

You are Beloved.

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