Love- Gratitude – Flow Dance


Heart Open. How do we open to the flow. Love is the key. Gratitude is a natural partner and if you are feeling lost, disconnected, victimized, hopeless, negative or any other inner experience of separation , the simple focus to Gratitude can begin to move you to open receiving – Being Love.

When we are hunkered inside in restriction, only feeling lack, no matter what good may come to us, we will miss it, as we are more focused on being in the wrongness, the lack.

Gratitude is not a new redirect, it is always the way to a simple answer in the moment to letting go of the walls the fears. When we move into gratitude we can see doors opening and know all is actually well and we can take new steps that are uplifting and supportive.

Take a Grateful Deep Loving Breath in and thank your lungs for that Breath, now repeat this and take your time as you go through your entire body thanking it in each Loving Breath. Once you have done this close your eyes, gently Breathe  – in Love – Breath out in Gratitude. Now you are dancing in the Light, keep moving inward in Loving Breath and let go – lifting – lightening in Spirit. You are loved , you are Love, ONE Love.

Listen to the Love Song of God, you are in harmony with this song of Heart as it Breathes you.




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