Living Love Life Path


You are the Diamond in the rough.

Discerning what is truth and the choice or choices, steps or steps for your highest good. Loving Life, sharing and caring and more.

Process to check in and learn where are you getting your information.

Discerning the truth of your Beingness, What the mind knows, or the Heart representing the truth clearly? Which are you doing, how do you know the difference, or what does this even mean. Sit with this and explore inside.

Love is the answer, experience the love that is free in Spirit and this Heart will always bring clarity and grace, even when it may seem the opposite of what the mind says will serve you and others. There is always another expansion of upliftment that serves all, learning to discern the path, the choice can be challenging as we are expanding. Never assume or push, be present, patient, allow yourself to be open to all possibilities for the highest good. Things that challenge you allow greater refinement in your discernment, what are you listening to, what is motivating you? Is it Love?

This process will polish you and challenge you but, it is amazing if you will keep surrendering to this, knowing the outcome ultimately is love.

Surrender to the unknown in Love. Be patient for the clarity is present, the fog may need to clear through all the stories and resistance that has been holding you in one place. It is not a loud and obvious movement it is an inner awakening that may be uncomfortable, you will know things will be clear and free to move on. If you choose and you find it is not the way that is good information. Do not judge, punish yourself or others, just open yourself to the next page, there is always more.

Discernment…”Learning  to discern the truth of your being ness.” J.R.

In Loving Service



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