Receive – Let Go – Give = Corrections …



When I write the words it seems each step is separate but, I experience this all in one flow. It is…the isness.

The essence is  – flowing within – manifesting is in this flow. We cannot hold on to anything. It is flow.

Open – and be the flow – share the gift you are and have to share. Each of us is / has gifts to share. Open inside and embrace the breath that is Breatheing you – be in this process of receiving – letting go and giving. It is natural, and somehow there is constant supply as we make ourselves available to this.

This requires taking care of our Inner selves as well as the outer. This does not mean creating walls or resistance. If we move into this essence we are going to be supplied in abundance, walls and resistance. This may show up many ways.

I look at how I still hold back,  block, not allowing the receiving,  letting go. When this happens there is an inner lack of energy, a flatness that starts to weigh me down. This is a sign that I am in a control pattern and there usually is something around unworthiness, hiding in the controller as the support that I felt would keep me safe. Which is actually in all the control patterns. If we are truly in awareness of the essence of our Divine self, we are in flow.

The human is a beautiful process of forgetfulness coming to the remembering  Love and awakening to this Divine isness –  flow.

Take time and be open – allow what you are holding onto to surface and speak bringing Grace through Love to these places.When we hoard things they will  back up on us. When I say hoarding, this manifest in many ways of with-holding to ourselves and others. Our gifts are here to be shared. There is infinite supply, God is infinite Love. What supply are you focused on. Fear, possessiveness, lack, comparisons ? These are just a few hoarding places, we hold tight and try to hide them and we are manifesting this abundantly as we do this. There is no hiding only flow.

So I take time everyday to allow those places, even though it is and can be uncomfortable to come forward, give them a chance to be seen ,so I can allow the Grace – the Loving to start to unpack those bags  I have been hoarding, carrying around like they are my source my truth and I have to create from here.

It is really hard to be in flow while we carry these places around. This takes patients, this takes love and willingness to receive – let go -and give in the focus of love. Even when it is scary, it will reveal the Beloved song – gift you are, once you look up from the baggage , lighten the load first, empty the bags  of resistance  and experience the infinite flow, infinite possibilities that are singing you alive here.

So Thrive – do not survive. You actually are thriving now but, what world are you thriving in,  love -play, abundance – sharing and caring or fear, anger, blame, shame and lack ?

You choose the essence you want to be aware of.

I choose God the Beloved infinite flow of love inspiration. I stumble often still but, I still get up , look up and choose God. My heart is lifted and I begin to receive beyond my knowing of myself in this Divine line of the Christ – the Grace – the infinite supply of Light – Love.

This is a Spiritual Journey, awakening the part that has forgotten what, who I am is my home. It is in me – it is in you – we are one abundant love song with many tones.

Sing out- receive – sing and give. We lift together.

In Loving Service


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