Question and Answer – Receiving and Giving…


Today I have a question for you.

What would you like to receive, what would you like to let go of ?  What would you like to give?

Take out your journal or a pad of paper and be prepared to write.

Take a moment, Breathe, and allow your heart to speak. Allow the place inside that may be feeling in lack to ask a question, or just share what feels restricted, hurt or more.

When you hear yourself, know you are listening in love and there is an answer, be willing to receive in innocence. The process requires going inside, opening your heart to the Divine flow. This is loving flow, so whatever allows the love to blossom in your heart will begin to attune you. Then quiet your mind, breathe in the love, breathe out the love.

Allow what comes up to drift out. Listen in Love allow the flow of understanding to come present.  You may find doubt, hurt judgment, fear and more, these are the places that are holding you in restriction. These are the places that are waiting to be released in Loving Grace. Be willing to Receive love in these places, and forgive yourself for the judgements, the misunderstandings that keep you in this reality of lack, or separation.

Take moment and allow the flow to come forward as these things surface, you can choose to freeform write it out, bring love and forgiveness forward as you do this. Letting it all go. Do not reread what you have let go of, throw it away. Clearing space to hear what is truly calling you.

This is a process and can go as deep as you want, my recommendation is you call in the light  before you begin the process, allowing  the support of Spirit to direct all of this for the highest good.

Receiving and giving flow becomes one dance.

In Loving Service



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