We are in a process of letting go. When we move into a place of Authority we block the flow.

We may have moments that seem clear and full of understanding, yet, it is like the sun shining on a field of wheat. Much is still to be harvested .

Leaving space and time  open for the sun to ripen the field.  Each wheat grass may ripen at a different rate and have variations in what is to be enjoyed in the feast that it brings.

Each experience has purpose of love, what that is for each person may have a different knowing. Embrace your heart and allow all others their process. God is this process. We are not responsible for how someone else does this or how we think it should look. This is key to freedom.

Learning to be patient and holding with a loving innocence allows us to be in the presence presently. The mental is not quickened, it is quiet and there is no need to push or pull. Only a sweet presence that all is unfolding in Love.

When we allow the innocent part to be comfortable  we allow ourselves to be in the unknown. The answers are in an inner expansion that is still awakening. An Isness. Being. There is an experience that continues to unfold.

Be aware of the need to be the knower, instead be the receiver , letting go and letting God, and Be the Lover in innocence, allow. The process unfolding is the journey,. BE present in the Journey and allow in innocence.


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