Awakening the Love


We are not broken we are asleep. The places that are feeling neglected or unloved are just the places that are awaiting our inner to let go and Let Love –  Let God which is Love. The source of all is within us.

It seems uncomfortable to go inside, this discomfort is the very thing that keeps us repeating the the very things we find hurtful or challenging. This is not to be judged, this is a place to be loved and set it free in love.

The Beloved calls you from within, this moves you in ways that shake and quake. This moves the mountains you have held onto for lifetimes as impossible to cross. you are not to be on a cross you are to lift in Love…

To be free is to be free inside in Love. This Love is Present always in you, no one else has to approve of you.  You are approved, you are Divine creation.

Love is free, control is not love, it is control. Set yourself free, allow the light to touch those places that have been hiding in contraction, be with those parts that you are uncomfortable with, receive the Loving there. Allow the misunderstanding to heal through Love. Forgiving the misunderstanding, that took place in the moment that you decided you were not worthy or lovable. This brings more compassion forward and understanding, no one else is your source of love or even your source of problem, as you begin to awaken and know the flow of the Beloved Light Love is what is constant and available. It is Breathing you. You must agree and open to receive, giving up the hiding and control allows the unknown – The Divine Love to move in flow and you will know unity. The oneness.

So – Let Go -Let Peace –  Let Love- Let God

You are Beloved.

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2 thoughts on “Awakening the Love

  1. Kat


    Thank you for this post and “Mental” sent earlier this week. I feel like the words are unwinding me and assisting me to let go in deeper levels. My foot/leg has come a long way in the last week and I will continue to see the blessings and the love and allow my worthiness to bloom.

    Happy spring and thank you!


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