LIGHT – More to Share – Second Inspiration.


 We are in constant movement , the change is always present. The Love is always present even when it seems to be a strain to know this.
Open the places that are being challenged to the Light and keys will be revealed to the freedom you seek. Your willingness to let go and let Love lead will be the path of liberation.
In Loving
I am called to add to this sharing today. So you are receiving this twice.
WhenAs we awaken to the Light that we are and we are of, we shed the things that seem to be real to us in our personality. when this happens we may feel pushed and pulled. We may reach out in old ways of sharing, we may try and control things more. This comes up in us because letting go seems to be against the seemingly safe patterns we have developed to have relationships, survive, or just find identification in ourselves. We are seeking to belong.  We Belong. We are the Breath of God. We are Divine  –  all of the Light the Oneness. To know this is…
BE kind to yourself when you feel stretched, know you are being polished in places that have forgotten you belong, there is One Love in Light and that is…
No – one is unworthy or unlovable. No need to costume. Separation is illusion, acceptance in ones own self, foibles and all, releases the bindings that keep the experience of need and we move to loving acceptance. We find relaxation. Love, Freedom inside and all is.
We know…
Do not run from the stretching times, move into acceptance and open to Grace. The healing in Loving – Forgiveness where we have fogotten ourselves and built amazing illusion realities keeping us in a sense of separation.  We did this in judgement and misunderstandings as we forget what we are in this world of  play that becomes so real.
It is all perfectly imperfect. Seek the Love and love the imperfection and peace will reside inside as you awaken to the Divine that resides in you and all.
We are One Love.
In Loving

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