Allow and Promote


This is a school of reflection. We have relationships with ourself through others reflecting what will serve our growth. The answer always leads to love.

When we blame ourself or others or hold ourselves as victims, we are holding ourselves in the trap that we believe has held us back. As we awaken to the Divine we understand that all has purpose and on some level we have allowed or promoted what has happened or is going on. It is all going on inside us. Understand this may be unconscious, it also has come as a stepping stone for us to learn from. Karma is like that. We give ourselves over to things, they do not have power over us. When we are willing to know the Spirit of Grace is present, we take responsibility for our experiences and we are grateful to know this is true.

It is amazing how empowering it is to claim – know our Divine nature, when we are truly in this knowing, we are able to expand in love  in  Grace, as we awaken through what seemed to be adversity. We will stumble and it is going to bring a sense of blame, pain and powerlessness. Be kind to yourself, be open to knowing that what has transpired has a gift that was perfectly designed to use as a stepping stone.

When we choose to take a position of blame or victim, we are allowing and promoting more of the same that has been the challenge. Manipulation is possible but, if it comes to us, be wise to see what  part we may have needed or played in that. Most of what happens is not on a conscious level, and it must have been serving us in some way. We all have ways of creating and when we believe someone has control over us, we have given this away, we are allowing this or promoting this, There is usually some payoff we receive  or are seeking and are not willing to give up. The freedom we seek is through understanding, allowing the ” healing” to surface by allowing the gift of information the situation has brought forward to us. It is not what is happening that is important, it is what we are doing with it inside us. What are we telling ourself ?  Why are we allowing or promoting these things in our lives? We will probably see a pattern and see ourselves in what we perceive someone  is doing to us. We actually find compassion for those places that believe we have to manipulate ourselves or others for one reason or another. When we find this compassion we are moving to Grace. We will find forgiveness for ourselves and others. There are treasures of patterns we carry in the unconscious that run us, They tie into this life and past life creations. So when something comes forward there is great opportunity to release with Spiritual assistance in forgiveness and Love. We hold these keys. When we truly release it does not exist anymore and we are free inside, realizing  – knowing, no one ever had power over us, we just believed it. This is an inner freedom I speak of. The design here is to forget the freedom of the Divine and re-awaken to what we already are, but have forgotten.

Be wise and let go of the judgments and blame, on yourself and others. Remember you have a part in all that is happening in your life. There is a chance you have done and do the same as others do or did. No one is above or below, there are only experiences here to awaken the Love where the Love has been hiding – with – holding to ourselves and others.. It is all of God, God is love.

Awaken the Divine within and follow in Love the answers that are hiding in the seemly adverse challenges. Try not to take a position of against-ness and allow the loving to surface through all that you have co-created.  Remember you are the power of Love. you are the Beloved of The Beloved.



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