Let Love



Let Love…

It is our natural state of being. This is a powerful Love, Light inspiration of the Divine Breathing us awake.

Let go – Are you sharing yourself with limitations? Do you hold your breath when you are sharing with others?

Do you hold your breath when you are alone feeling yourself? Your thoughts, your worries, your pain? Are you even aware of this?

When you allow the Light to Breathe you, you find you are not in control, but relaxed , lifted , expanded. Sometimes it is so powerful you experience an expansion that feels almost like the opposite is happening, as you are out growing…Letting Go… Letting God love lift you in ways you only know when it happens.

Be with yourself and open to what comes present, if you find restrictions, call yourself open to the loving Spirit to receive the expansion the healing through awareness and love. Do not be afraid of yourself, your own discomfort is only the place or places that are awaiting the release through Grace.

You are the inspiration of God. Where you judge yourself or others is just the place you are in denial of your Divine self. Your worthiness. When you retract your loving from others, is where you retract your loving to yourself.

BE kind to yourself. Break the molds of old and open to the presence of love in all these darkend places. Light is present there. You are Bigger than those places.

Breathe deeply in … Breathe deeply love.. Let go, expand – forgive and breathe and allow the Beloved to fill those places with Divine Breath.

You are Beloved Love, Ignite in the surrender. There are no limitation except what you decide is limited.

BE in the flow of the Divine light and you will know – no boundaries as you follow the Love. All roads open . Your heart map is designed to bring you home. No fear, no separation, only the heartbeat – humm of the Divine presence.

You are God’s Love Song…



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