When we create limitation inside, waiting for something better, we are defaulting ourselves as if we are powerless.

Choosing clearly in a loving state is a honest clear creative process. When we look at things through negative eyes we see limitations and we create this inside and out.

Control may look many ways. When we feel or believe someone else is controlling us or we need to do what they do or say, we are controlling ourselves. They are not controlling us we allow and promote everything in our lives, we choose. It is our choice. Freedom comes from within. When we open our spiritual eyes we see there is no limitation only uplifting possibilities. How we approach any situation or opportunity from inside is how we will experience it.

Open your heart, your Spiritual Heart and eyes, check inside, what limiting story are you sharing in your life and  programming all your experiences with.

Denial of these inner games does not make them go away, it only keeps you playing in the game as if you are powerless.

Be brave, be love, and open your eyes to your inner kingdom, it is full of different realities that are running you.

Allow the Light to shine and you may find discomfort and also find the walls that are keeping you in restriction, the need to control, complain, and limit in abundant opportunity.

When we create more separation in our lives, we are creating more separation in our loving within. Holding tight in against – ness believing the illusion of negative stories, allowing them to be your truth, will keep you in this reality. you are co-creating and abundance is infinite flow. The message of negativity, limitations,  separation and more will be your bounty. The moving to  healing, loving, acceptance, vulnerability, abundance, gratitude  and more allows new expansions beyond words, beyond  what you believe you know.

Open and open again , open and open again. It is up to you how you experience the life opportunities you have called to yourself.

The Beloved is present in all ways, always.

Be willing to move your inner self to vulnerable Love, and find the power of love always prevails.  Creating a Life experience always uplifting and flowing in Love even during challenging times, this Divine Loving Light will be present in your awareness. you are one.

In loving Service


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