The Ocean Of Infinite Love and Mercy ….

The simple willingness of letting go into Love. A love that does not have a need to be right or wrong, to be special as we all are special Beloved Ones, Or a need to control or judge. Letting go into a love in compassion to oneself and to others. Letting go into taking care of oneself, so you can take care of others without inflicting, letting go to meeting in a harmony that can serve and flow for all. Letting go in generosity of overflow, letting go when you give or receive, being present in the moment, serving without attachment, this is challenging for most.

I just want to share that we all are in growth in these areas. We choose to expand or restrict in fear, insecurities, anger, lack in some way … or love.

I am always reframing myself inside. I am in constant awakening to the places that have been in sleep or just forgotten to be free in Love Flow. These places are surfacing daily, with all the opportunity that is being presented to us as a collective or individual. All of what we experience is happening inside, meaning how we react is how we experience what is going on. The answer and freedom will come from within. This takes a bravery to be present and honest in compassion to oneself, while allowing all the “shadows” to surface while the light shines in those places, trusting we had the power to create them and we have the power to let go in the loving light. We only gain altitude in Love as we do this. We have release from the prisons we have been walking around in.

Take time to be with the inner you, bring the love that is compassionate and willing to see, hear it all through the Light the Love. Be willing to know it may not even make sense but, it is an opportunity coming forward to let go of something that has been running you for lifetimes. Call in the Light, open to assistance beyond the mind and allow illumination, Grace to awaken and allow the Love to Flow. This is an experience not a mental process. Relax – Let Go.

Be Kind to yourself and Be kind to others. This is not about righteousness, this is about being present in Peace and understanding the view inside others is different in many ways, yet there may be a reflection you recognize in you. So be willing to look with eyes of neutral kindness and be open to a healing that may be coming forward. I am not saying let others step on you, just try to relax and see what is possible in the dance of polarity when it comes up. Nothing is permanent. When you retract and shut the door, you hold the key to open the door in Love. Not in a way that gives you up to what others want but, in a way of a loving vision in freedom in healthy flow. not control of others or being controlled but, be Love where you are now, Freedom is a knowing, resonating that love is an amazing flow. Be free inside.

What vision do you hold inside you. One of open Grace and Flexible overflow of abundance. Sensitive to yourself and others in a way that can be of loving sharing or caring? Or are you in lack in these areas or other areas. All of this is just Loving opportunity to freedom? We all have places that do not know The Ocean of infinite Love and Mercy yet. I know I am willing to keep opening to this awakening of God Love Flow.

Maybe this meandering of this sharing will begin to flicker awake inside your inner knowing. Be kind, Be Willing Be Love Flow ever changing expanding in the simplicity of breath of God. Breathe you are Beloved.

In Loving Service


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