The Open Door

3932407238_36e5df7c27 The door stands open as we walk our creative path. The reality that is imprinted on the side you are standing in is only a small view of what is and what you are. The journey is a continuous opportunity to choose  the loving door. It may seem at times the door is too much or taking us away from the safe, loving reality we know, the busy life we call everything. We are the spark of the Beloved and as we open to this path of awareness, this becomes our inner song. This song is not stagnant, it moves through realities, dimensions, leading us home. This home is our Divine home of  God. The Beloved we are and we are of. When we choose to numb ourselves in our lives, we are choosing away from ourselves. When our hearts pull at us for change and we continue to wait for the change to happen to us, we will be sitting on the curb waiting for a long time. We must choose to walk through the door. This door is begging you to your freedom in a loving expanded supported inner life. Just because you only know your life though your limited experience, does not mean that is all there is. Take the time to go within, explore, heal and expand yourself. When you do this, you will know all is a Divine walk and supported in loving. When we choose the love, it will guide us through the door, giving us the courage and support to take responsibility for our experience and creation.  You must have courage to change your focus, even if you never have known that loving experience as truth. Take the leap through the door of love and you will fly in ways you could not imagine. This is a love in your spiritual heart, it will sing a song that guides you on the wings of light. The unknown leads out of the darkness into the light. It is all within you. Be the love , Be the light, Sing your song, Take the steps. Choose…

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