Peace Within ~ Be the Peace ~ Be the Love


There is an inner radiant God within each of us.

This can be difficult to know in times of pain and suffering. How can we know this, be this while things are so challenged?  We can know this by going within our own inner kingdom and attuning to the Radiant Love that is Beating our hearts, Breathing our Life.

When we go within to quite in loving, we may encounter our own wars, our own struggles, this is where we can begin to heal the world, through healing our own negative creation. We must quite to know where we are withholding love. This healing comes through love. We all carry conflict. These are places we have created through experience in this life, holding them as truth. Even if the experience was negative in that moment, we have choice to move to healing the place inside that stills holds on to the anger, hurt, and sense of separation, creating a vibration of against- ness in our own vibration, connected in the song of creation.

So we are important. We have the loving power to bring peace from within to our own internal environment, spreading this loving harmony out as we walk in this world, touching, lifting all we encounter. We choose what we bring. Even when others choose violence, anger, hurt, and more, we can choose to go to the loving within and be this. When we encounter negativity, is  exactly when we have the deeper opportunity to strengthen our loving core, using it to heal our own negativity. We may not have the answers but, when we are in loving relaxed harmony the answer comes present.

Be the answer, Be the Healing, this will spread the Love. We are One, We are Beloved of the Beloved. Go within, find your song of God and let it sing the healing through you. Grace is at hand when we are willing to let go, we are free.

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