The Liberation of the heart is the healing of the creation that tells us we are alone or need…  As we walk this life through and we keep looking up, we become less and less attached to things and outcomes, This allows the experience of love to come forward in our own heart beat, in our own breath, being the spirit of love, moving forward in creation supported of love.

Enjoy the scenery and be the love. Sharing this touches all that we encounter. When there is heaviness it is only another step showing us what is blocking our view into the higher realms of light. Like a weight that had been holding you in a reality of limitations, when you take it off or release it, you are able to climb higher or come up for more breath. We enjoy the breathing and light of the day more than ever from a liberated knowing all is perfect. We see through our love eyes a new way of being in ourselves and see others from this new view of light.

Be the Love and then Be the Love, there is always more available. Relax and do not stop looking up.

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