When You Think You Know


This life is full of mystery and one of the wonderful places we play in this is through relationships.

Many times we believe we know about someone else’s feelings or ideas, when it is really your own imagination creating the experience within you. They may very well be bringing it to you but, only a karmic memory. the veils you are looking through are illusion. Be wise to know, you do not know. “Walk around yourself before you walk around some else” J. R.

Remember to know you do not know and to look in the mirror for the answer or truth. You will find these reflection coming back at you, giving you opportunity for truth, healing and more love. You are creating your reality of illusion, you carry what you believe about others. Kind, loving, angry, insecure, abundant, and more are all within each of us.

Through these exchanges we have opportunity to clear our past creations and any subtle ways we are repeating these behaviors. Life will bring experience to our door step in these ways to make us look deeper into the loving truth within. Be willing to claim your life creations and move to a more loving way without separating yourself and others through a victim or high archy position.

It is all the Beloved experiencing through these ups and downs. Honesty in this can be very difficult because we want to be the one who is right. There is no way to know what the full experience is, except by going within and exploring your part in it, you still can not know as it is all God. Become loving to all those places and know you are creating what you bring to yourself to alchemize into loving knowing. This does not mean we agree and continue in an unkind or unhealthy way. Uplifting our own light is health, wealth, happiness , in loving sharing.

BE Kind To Yourself and Be Kind to Others, You Do Not Know, Your Judgments Are Only Information About You …


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