Cleansing Love


There is a light washing over the Soul keeping perfect Love protection.

When you are reaching upward in your loving willingness to let go, reaching into and being met become a dance of oneness. Like the Rain and Sea, it is all the same yet, we experience them differently. They both are wet, one is deep, full of dimensions of dark and light and one is pouring into this ocean, filling it with more. There is a constant cycle happening, resurrection each time anew.

Movement is always available, where we focus is what we experience. Choosing to lift and allow the light to pour over  and in you seems less than the ocean we might be used to sitting in. The truth is the light we are reaching to and receiving is filling  you already. There are always new levels of receiving and dancing within this happening.

Choosing loving yourself within spirit can be cleansing. While this cleansing is happening it can seem impossible to move out of the old waters. Relax, choose the loving for you. (Trust in the light of God to handle what seems impossible.) If we look to the dark water for our answers, it is shutting out the rain of love and light waiting to assist you. You must open your heart and arms to receive.  You must ask and be willing to share.

“I do not love you because of you, I love you because of me.”J.R.




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