Sharing in Love Light


When the light is shining on the places of up-liftment or clearing it can expose places that are still holding on to doubt and fear.

These doubts and fears are the illusion, it is up to us to see these expressions as opportunities with-in our own steps moving to more love, more Freedom with-in.

When we make someone or something else wrong as if they are the cause of our fear or doubt ,we are giving over to the  illusion. It is what you are carrying, that is the reality you experience.  When you react, take a moment and allow your self to see what this is about. Place it in the Light , giving it up to God For The Highest Good. Be Loving to this place that is uncomfortable, it is asking for the love and reassurance. Allowing the unknown to be the Loving is going to God in ways that have not been unlocked yet.

The Highest Good is Love, Spirit knows what the highest good is. Let go to God. God is Love.

2 thoughts on “Sharing in Love Light

  1. Kat

    I ❤️ this and purrrfect for me in this moment…..”be loving to that place that is uncomfortable”. ☺️

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