Reflections of Love


Each day we walk in the world encountering the experiences of many textures. Many people perceive the world as a place to strive and become something. Many people experience this world as a place that they are at the mercy of. there are many ways to walk in this world and experience it.

If we are living in this world as if it is outside of us, and we are a victim to what is coming and going in our lives, past present and future, this world can begin to seem hopeless, scary, we usually experience a deep sense of separation.

There is no wrong way to live as it is your choice. Thats the beauty of it. If you knew that you held the keys to unlocking all your discomfort what would you do? Now I know many people want to blame others for their experiences. Yes we all are helping each other by reflecting through experience, this only means we show up and you will experience someone or something through your own veils of creation. These creations are here for you to choose how you will respond this time. We have co-created all of this, we are in a Master School of Love.

It is vey hard to see how you could love something that is painful or seems to have some sort of power over you. When you begin to choose into freedom, you choose into your own awakening, which means your responsibility in all that is present in your world, your life. It is all reflection. This can be hard to accept, yet in spirit you know we are one and that you agreed to come and explore the Divinity you are while having a human experience. ” You allow or promote everything in your life”.

Can you love the very thing that you are hurt or angered by. Imagine if you could be that Love. How powerful you would be. It is not a possessive Love, it does not mean you agree with or disagree with the negativity, it  becomes neutral and free inside.  This can mean you experience  the Love through the alchemy of negative creation inside, the love you will first find available is to the one inside you. The one who does or did the same thing as the one who is upsetting you. This path is not an easy path. It requires honesty and Love. Not a Love that judges and requires anyone to do what you want. You are the Love and freedom within. You must Love your own negativity, hurts, judger, and more before you are free inside. When we hold onto judgements, hurt and more we a withholding Love to ourselves. When we hold onto these thing we must shut off part of ourselves to keep it going.

This can cause more upset in our lives, including physical illness. Balancing your own inner world  is the journey of creation home while here in this Human experience.

Be open to knowing you are the Beloved, even though you do not know this yet, as you open to the winds of Spirit, let go of the control and allow the flow, the awakening to sing through, you will have a knowing. Be willing to let go once again and again and agin, it is infinite.

You have the keys to your freedom in Love. Thank those who brought you the opportunity to awaken , let go and  be the Love. This is what all of it is about.

BE the love even when it makes no sense. BE love and let go of control. You are the Beloved of The Beloved…



1 thought on “Reflections of Love

  1. Kathleen Murphy

    Thank you, your words and timing are the exact and perfect for what I needed. I received expansion and opening from them…..much gratitude.



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