One Light


Validation…What does this do for us? Does it motivate us to keep going, does it tell us we are good enough, does it tell us we are special ?

When we share from a place of freedom in Love, not comparing or needing to prove something, just sharing because it is up-lifting, and it may be up-lifting  in ways we may never know. We find ourselves in a flow of Light that is in ease, this path of sharing is full of Light and surprises.  If we do not know is that okay, can we trust in the sharing and not know what may have been the ripple purpose.? When we know in our own experience of Love and Light with-in, and that we are sharing in Love, this will be validation that does not need another to know you are Divine Light.

We all are Lighting the way as we share from a Light Heart. Each one of us is equal, even if we are unaware of what that is, it still is. We can not put someone’s Light out, nor can your Light be put out. When we open to our own Light that warms with – in we can share without the need to control. We are of and have an infinite Light that expands beyond what is seen. As we Light up, we add to the illumination that is present in everyone. We are reflecting Light. We are of the Light.

So as you walk through your day, sharing, be present in your Heart. As you resonate the Love notice the shift in those you are near, for your own perspective, your own Light will generate a reflection that is with-in. No one can validate this for you, if you notice when we wait for validation, we begin to experience more lack. Be the Love and be on purpose to share from your own inner love. Know that is infinite, and  generated as it is your natural state, you are Divine. Even when you feel off it is available. Do not judge the times you are off, the Light is strong enough to burn through the negativity in Love and compassion.

Look with-in for your validation – it is singing a song of Love and Freedom. Seek theLight with-in and you will know the fullness of Heart is present now, in every Breath. The light of Love is in you, around you, and is the place you are seeking. Relax, you are the answer, you do not have to wait for someone to tell you that you are good, you are loved, you are all of this. When you know this about yourself, you can see this in others. Not Until you know this with-in you, will you know what freedom in Love is.

So Be the Love and you will see through your Light filled eyes the Light in others. You will not need to be validated by others, you will know. When you share in gratitude and love, it will be freedom. When others share in gratitude and love you will be free in the inner worlds. You will keep going because you are the Light… C.M.

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