Strong Gratitude…

The Inner Love moves in Gratitude. It flows hand in hand. Flow of Giving and Receiving within is seamless. We are One. The Beloved within is present. There is no need to go out to know you are Whole Fully in Flow.

It is peaceful and expresses in the Breath, in and out.

Take a moment and be grateful for your Breath, for you. For what is right here, right now. Receive in this moment the Beloved Breath of the Divine you are.

You are all of what you seek. When you share in this place of Strong Gratitude – again you  are in the flow of all is.  Love, all is present.

When you forget this, and seek your abundance on the outer to tell you that you are loved, successful and more, you will experience a sense of always looking, trying, and some sort of lack.

So in this moment in this next Breath, put your hand on your heart and say thank you to the Beloved. You are ONE.always Present in Strong Gratitude Love.

Happy Giving and Receiving. Now Breath.

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