What is Honest ? We are Multi- dimensional Beings – All is Reflection…


There is infinite creation. We are multi – dimensional and there are infinite messages, patterns in our field, that is Karma we have created. We are hard pressed to control what others receive in our communication. If we are someone who likes control this can be a big challenge to accept our part in it.

If we are truly living in Love, and unconditional within ourselves, we know our vulnerabilities are great strength . When we are with others who share honestly, we do not judge or fear them. To truly be free honesty and open communication with-in will allow the same in the world. Allowing the vulnerabilities to be the path of Love keeps us free. We have nothing to hide, we know we have unknown Karma that will surface and challenge us. It is all ours. If we judge anyone we are in Karma. It probably is the very thing you are doing and afraid of in yourself, in some way, it may not be exactly, but it will be the same.

We have choices every day to be honest to ourselves, when we manipulate through passive control, we are in separation and relationships tend to become challenged. This is an inner relationship that is being brought forward. Being aware of yourself, allow all of yourself to come forward in truth without judgement is scary. We have been taught that to be in control means we are “successful, normal” and many other labels. Until we can allow ourselves to be honest in our vulnerabilities, we will continue to have relationships that seem to bring up judgment on others.

The “truth” is a moving target, as it is always changing. We are in constant change, be willing to know if something comes forward in our lives as a misunderstanding, we also have part in it. We are never a victim, we brought this to ourselves as an opportunity to clear, in Love a pattern of creation.  It is an opportunity to Love, and if we choose to create more separation in judgment, we will probably experience more of the same.

So the truth leads to Love, Kindness, understanding, the willingness to go with-in and explore what we have been holding in separation.

I am grateful to be on this road of God, the alchemy is constant, and it is for the strong of Heart. I am challenged as everyone is, and all that walk into my world I have brought forward to have the experience of Love. When there is an “upset” it is another opportunity to clear Karma in Love, not judgment or manipulation. I am in Gratitude and Love…For all that pass my way.


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