644668360When I look at this image I experience reflection that opens my awareness in being all.

All is…One.

I like to look at the times I create a sense of separation, this can be through seeking. Seeking being special which also is the same as feeling less than, or left out, or as if something is wrong or even more right.

When I find this coming up inside, I take time to get quiet, open my heart within and allow the part that has stepped outside of me to calm and rejoin the harmony of God within. When I have come back into this expanded isness, state of being, there is no lack, there is no separation, only all is perfect.

This moves me into this place and no time,  I open to the creative source that is the flow, the Life source. God. Which is not a religion but, in me in all things and more as I am.

The story that someone or something will make me know I am special, worthy or whatever may come up –  is and always has been just a place that does not know the Divine is now here.

So I keep it simple, remember it is all here, where ever you are it is. Take time to be, Breathe, go in and expand the Inner in this Divine stream of God Consciousness that is present . Once you are allowing this here an now, you know, al is and you relax and let go of  efforting.

Give and Receive is an inside game and once you get into  this flow the outer is supported in Grace and Ease.

You are Special as we all are Special and once you know you are, then you can see the same in others. Special is the Divine ordinariness that is singing all of this.

BE in the flow, relax breathe, Love Breathe, Love Breathe and continue the inner expansion and be open to surprises.



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