Working in Spirit in the love is a journey that brings opportunity to go beyond what is obvious. Expecting the unexpected and receiving support when it shows up.

I have had many opportunities to by pass the loving, the support or being met, when I have had a “plan”. I usually see my opportunity later and wonder how I could be so focused on one thing and bypass the gift.

When we ask in need and we are met, it does not always come the way we think it should or could. This is the beauty of keeping our heart, eyes and life open to what is presented and being flexible.

I am following the love, and when I move to do something it is done from Spirit. This does not mean everyone will receive it, it means I do my part and what happens is up to the person that is being gifted. It is up to them. if they do not really want what they are asking for there will be a disturbance in the process and a missed opportunity.

That is okay as there will always be more opportunities.

So there is a saying be carful for what you ask for. I would like to say be aware of how you ask and what you put into motion. you may get what you asked for, be ready. If you do not have clarity on your intention, motivation, – pause and take a moment before you ask.

We are all in this stream of Love Light together, being in the flow can bring ebb and flow, as we let go we let God and uplift in flow. We give – we receive and we stumble , this is the human experience.

Love it all and be aware of what you put into motion.

Be love – It is a natural fit.

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