Be Yourself


Embrace you…

When we control ourselves in disguise we are withholding the beauty, the freedom of ourselves that we came here to be. It is not about becoming what others are, in Spirit we already are that. We do have our own playful personalities, our grumpy personalities, our smart personalities, our loving personalities, our confused and awkward personalities. We are here to Love and that means love all of that.

Trying to put these parts away in control will create energy blocks in our relationship with ourselves and others. Withholding is not a way of sharing in freedom in Love. If we are different than others, which we are in many ways, this is Gods Love Song do not silence it and we will also find we are the same in more ways. The same is manifested in different ways. This is all perfect.

We are here to experience. If we all talked, walked and were being the same all the time it would be pretty boring here.

In our Loving we are Love. This is the same always even when it does not look like it. We may feel like an outsider with others when we try and try is the operative word, to match others in personality. Be Love on the inside and allow  yourself to be you,  and allow others to be them, and share. .

Keep it simple Love yourself foibles and all . You will experience flow within, ease and even when you are uneasy it is okay. Love all of those parts that are confused and more. Love is the answer, this is ordinary, not a gushing ( it can be ) , it is in your breath, it is expanded in peace and  it is joy, laughter,  it is tears, it is hugs and more.

So when you see a mud puddle and you want to jump in, even if no one else does, jump in! Be you. “Don’t  hurt yourself and don’t hurt others.” That will keep you in a good area.

Be You.. Love You and you will find it it easier to Love as you will be the flow of Love.


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