I know that when we experience hurt, upset, and a sense of powerless- ness, we think and feel it is true.

My first step when this comes up, is to claim I am not a victim, I do this in loving to myself, I look at what is happening, what they have brought forward in me and in acceptance, that this place is the very place that is holding me in a sense of separation from me, the Beloved one of God. I am in an opportunity that I have co-created to expand in. To open to the freedom of Love that is awaiting me. I am also aware it can seem that somehow what someone else is feeling or doing has power over how I feel or even live. From the view of the body, feelings, and mind that reality seems real. That is the illusion. Through the Spiritual eyes we open in Love and can see where we have been co-creating this experience inside in our unconscious and is whispering in us and running in our lives.  Sometimes these are places we know but, just choose to deny. Denial does not make it go away, it just manifest in other ways.

If we are having challenges with someone or many, this is an opportunity to look at what is coming up in us as judgement, hurt, guilt, need, or want or maybe what we think we need to be. there are many variables in our creation in polarity beliefs. These are stories we carry around with us even if we are not aware of them. volumes of lifetimes of co-creations.

When we allow ourselves to know our own part in all and that we hold the answer to what is going on. The answer will come from allowing the honesty to come up with out fear, when I say honesty, it means look at what we have been thinking, feeling and resisting in honesty. Let it come forward with the loving as the focus. We must Love that part in a way that says I do that, I did that and it is okay and I am not that but, I do or did that. Whatever that is has information for me, has the key or keys to my healing freedom in Love. Grace is available when we are willing to step into Spirit, letting go of  fear of ourselves. Letting go of fear of being seen, opening to loving, not making these places we identify as bad us, hurt us or more, but the stepping stones to awaken to us -the Divine  Love that has been awaiting to be present in our aware living love.

The stories are there to awaken the Divine with-in us, in this world. When we start to let go, we have more love flow inside.  Not trying to control or resist what is coming up allows us alchemy in Grace, as we do this we may experience more ease, love, flow inspiration in ourselves and our relationships.

No need to fear our creations, be willing to open to Love through all our stumbling and we will soar in Lovelight flow. Igniting the Divine inspiration design in joy, love, health, wealth and happiness inside allows us that experience.

With-holing does not bring us the flow it shuts off flow. When we experience with-holding that is in us. So be the one who is opening within not waiting on others. Keep going and lift in inspiration of Love Divine.

In Loving Service



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