Let Go of Control – Open to Inner of Love

Take a moment and check with yourself for the place or places you may be focused on control. Maybe you are holding onto wanting others to be what you want them to be, maybe you are waiting for an outcome that you think is right or wrong, maybe you are locked into a pattern that says when I have this I’ll be free or know I am loved. I know this list of day to day control patterns come up for all of us in the most subtle and not subtle ways, even wanting people to see you in a certain way…

So, What if you consider letting this mind hold go, move inside to your own inner heart Love flow and be love to this place, in you. That is all you have to do, let go of out there control and be Love in you. Not shutting off others just open inside you. Breath in and out, let go of control positions and breathe in the love. Slowly or quickly you may find you relax and become quiet in this place of flow. Now you are beginning to open to the flow of love that is full all the time, there is no lack. You know you are full, and this sea of Love resides in you, the creative vessel of giving and receiving is always full, and you do not need to control others, you give and receive from an infinite source that is always surrendering in the bounty of fullness. What you are holding onto will be returned over and over until you let go to the Infinite source of Love that resides in you, breathing you.

I challenge you to play in this, when you hear your mind, emotions and feel your body move in control consider, is this loving inside me right now? Then just try on what it is to let go of the separation position ( control ) and allow yourself to come present in Love. How is that for you? Do you want more of that? If so you are the one who holds the key, so, have at it. Open your inner kingdom of Love. Moment by moment, you choose. Let go of the control to Love…

In Loving Service


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