Can You Love Yourself ? Letting go control of others ?

Can you love yourself? Can you stop placing blame on others? Can you see your own self and patterns that are not in Loving ? Can you take time to explore the ones inside who go to control, anger, judgment, violence, oppression, hurt and more, allow the revealing of what lies and lies behind the lie’s that ell you there is something wrong, unloved within.

I know this can be a very scary thing to do. To look at oneself and see that all the separation we experience is ours. It is inside. We have experiences that have promoted this but, we are also a gift of love with a super power of Love Healing. To be unshackled from blame, shame, and unworthiness, and more. The key to the chains we wear are in the loving heart, Spiritual Heart is infinite unconditional love. We are responsible for what we hold inside, body, mind emotions and all levels.

Take time to go inside and see how you are holding anger and blame and give it a loving place to reveal what keeps promoting this. you will find your Super Power of Love can reveal Love is present and open to Spiritual assistance . You have to be willing to let go and receive. This can be big order. The unknown.. Trust Love. If we keep our eyes on the inner love we might find more and more freedom and see through our loving eyes all is good in God. We are met where we put our attention.

Be open to love, it is your true nature. Start with you, love the places that want to hold onto hurt, anger etc.. ask if you are willing to be happy, let go in love, To reveal yourself and allow these stories, positions to fall away in Love. All of this has understanding that will come forward as you let go in vulnerability. You will be surprised at you. The Divine Love You Are.

Beloved One of The Beloved – ONE…

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