Love is…

Loving it all…

Starting with loving yourself through compassion – healing in Grace opens channels of flow in co-creation. This is…

It is clear and easy. Simple.

Yet, we all get into separation through fear, control, right, wrong, emotional, mental and ego sensations that we believe.

When we allow in the flow of being present in letting go into love, we receive. There is no limitation.

The stories that are running you will come forward as you let go. Where there is illusion will surface, move to the love when this happens. Open yourself to receiving love frequency releasing in the Light. In this we are led in love and abundance – walking in the God love flow as we co-create. It is a dance that is soft, full, strong love. A knowing in trust even if it seems different than what you think…there is a wholeness.

There is no with – holding only flow.

Check inside- Am I in loving? 

You will know.. if not move into the loving process of healing in Grace – Let what is holding you in restriction, fear, ego, hurt, control and more to surface, ask for Loving Assistance in Spirit. Be present, let the illusion reveal itself, and love what is. If you turn from it, in judgment it does not go away. We are generating more negativity. So we will experience more shame, blame, judgement in our world. Denial, will be shaken at some point. Just love what comes forward.

Allow forgiveness in loving to embrace you inside and out. Be present. Let go as you receive.

In this loving being present in the presence once you make the space – build the field that is revealed in Love. Take those steps or the step.

In this field of Love we move in our life sharing, co-creating in this subtle but dynamic dance with God in us, as one. We step, we are inspired. Love is leading.

God Love is the source of everything- all that we are – all that we share – all that we do.

Let go…Give up to this and let it lead. This takes a willingness to let go to a new focus. New story inside of relaxed love -abundant flow in all ways, receiving. This is a daily purpose if you choose.

More to come…

In Loving Service


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