Thank You

gratitude-1I personally feel the overflow of gratitude for the last year, all that is here now and all yet to come. When I look at the days of simplicity of sharing with people in my work or just in passing, my heart is full of gratitude and love. Sometimes I am in awe that we all show up in this time here together with our pain and suffering but, always love is humming just under the feelings of separation. It is there in everyone and more.

So thank yourself for being here and being willing to walk the path of love. Even if you are not aware that is what you are doing, still it is there. If you attune to it for just a moment, you can experience the sensation of the heart when you walk in the world and share.

My heart is full of Graceful Gratitude to it all.

Happy New Year and Many Blessings. They already ARE.. Look in the Mirror…

1 thought on “Thank You

  1. Susan Forkush

    Bella! I’m grateful for the time spent playing with you in the light. I’ve really never experienced anything like it before and look forward to more enlightenment, connectedness and wonder in 2015. Grazie mille and happy new year. Susan

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