Warm Heart


The Breath of Love is key to igniting the creation of flow, health, wealth, and happiness.

It is not just remembering to breath but, breathing in with gratitude of the fullness in the moment and for yourself. Even when life or things seem restricted, breathe in the loving and warm the edges of fear, judgement, and the feeling of separateness. Our minds will run stories that tell us of fear and lack, our bodies will believe it and withhold flow, creating lack and illness. When we remember our minds are not our source, to focus back inward to the loving source, we will find our bodies relax in that moment, receiving begins as an experience. then we know all is possible and all is well. Spirit is in the breath, this is is our source, our spark to create from our Divine self, one with the Divine. It is always present, just choose back.

So right now, relax, close your eyes, you are loved. Breath in the love.  breath out… Breath,.. Love… Breath… Love… Continue as needed.

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