Spiritual Seeing…Being Love…

imagesThe attunement  into the song of love, the song of God that we are, brings simplicity to the loving. Being love is a state of overflow from within. Attuning into your own and letting go, allowing the song of spirit to flow in and light up all the space laying in the dark. This attunement  with the light allows the understanding, the knowing of love in all those dark places, which brings the healing in freedom.

Spiritual seeing is through love. There is no wrong or right in the eye of God. There is only more possibilities for loving creation, When we find a place inside that is feeling separate or better than someone, or needy, we are available for more love. This is what we are looking for. Be the love you are looking for because that will take you into the peace you are truly seeking. The heart of God lies within and you will be met in a way that is constant and unconditional. This world is designed to challenge this place, to strengthen this place, becoming attuned to God in the Human condition. Then through your spiritual eyes, God eyes, you will be in your God heart and know all is well, all is Divine. Overflowing in the calm of love.

Be the light, Be the love, attune to the heartbeat of God within and you will be met with Gods breath of love singing through you and your life. C.M.

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation…

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