Speak From the Heart

blow_kissesWhen we speak, are we aware of our hearts?  Maybe we want to share love or deflect love.

How we feel when we speak comes through even more than the words. We may think we are being loving but, love is not just in our thoughts, it is in our heart, our breath, our cells, our essence. It takes clarity in the heart to share in love. We are not always clear in our hearts and that is part of our journey.  If we are tight in our heart and we try to speak it will be difficult or might be cutting. Learning to pause and check inside before we speak, making sure we are in our loving can allow freedom with others to share.

Simply speaking in love, can create an opening of uplifting others and is an amazing giving and receiving. Of coarse this giving and receiving becomes one. We all lift.

We do not always feel loving and in those moments, try and consider weather what you have to say is going to be loving or create a block of flow of kindness. Maybe in that time we need to ask for help. That is a loving strength when we know we do not feel in alignment to speak in a way that is at least balanced. Help can be stepping back and giving ourselves a moment to check inside and see what is bothering us and give ourselves what we need ( Love ) to find our peace again.

We all get angry, hurt, and feel pushed at times. This is all part of the dance. This is all to be embraced and loved. As we do this we find out what is hurting and learn to love that part of ourselves even more, bringing understanding , healing, grace, this creates overflow of love and support in our very essence. We find ourselves being less upset and more in our loving center as we become the love we are seeking. Allowing this to clear the hurts and blocks we carry. We let go of the sense of separation as we move through these experiences knowing they are only temporary and that love is sitting right behind the hurt or block.

Speak loving words to yourself , think loving thoughts to yourself, embrace your spiritual heart as your teacher. Share this love in the world, as you become more attuned to your heart, you will experience life attuning to the love. Sing the love song of your spirit. We all have a song to share. Sing from the heart when sharing.

Sing the love, be the love.

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