Understanding verses Experience to Knowing


Opening to truth through the willingness to know you do not know. When we experience transformation in our own life, our own heart, it is something that has no words. there is an experience of all is perfect love. Yet that does not even touch the spirit of it.

One of the things I have come to know is every new knowing has more knowing behind it, so I do not hold onto any of it. I have an experience of giving up the negative the hurt while I am receiving the being of spirit that I am already. This is not a mental experience, this is a wholeness, no beginning, no end. If I try and grasp this in my mind it is a limited, chatty, distraction. When I relax and allow my innocence to be leading me in my heart, I allow the source to lift me, releasing the story of who I am coming back to what I am.

It is simple, it is not complicated, yet it is profound. My favorite quote is ” Ordinariness is the Prior condition to God” John Roger

This statement continues to evolve, when you first read this your mind and cells may have ideas about what those words mean to you. My experience has become that all is Divine, and this is ordinary. It is all extraordinary, we all are extra – ordinary. It is all God, all Divine, no separation.

I continue to be amazed at the new experiences that come through the difficulties that now are the gifts that bring the freedom to living the loving light.

I am grateful I have been allowed to share this with those who are in my life, family, friends , those who come to share in the work of love with me. This work is not work it is sharing, and I am always learning and evolving as everyone else is.

I am comforted in knowing I do not know it all and that there is always more love, more light to attune to. This physical body and world,becomes more light from within me and I can know when I am up against restriction, that the door is opening to even more love, more light. So I thank me, I thank the ones who challenge me as it is all ordinary, coming home to the extra- ordinary Divine knowing.  The Divine Being, The I Am.

I Am Love Being…

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